AG V Spider

Angry Grandpa moving away to avoid catching Vagina Spiders.

A Vagina Spider is mostly a concept made by Angry Grandpa that explains that a vagina spider resides in older women that tend to be worn out.


He says that vagina spiders are from a cobweb coochie box, and at night, they crawl out and try to bite you, hence explains why he says there's red marks on him.

He uses Tina as a prime example of a vagina spider. he also says it whenever Pickleboy asks "You got bed buds?" when AG scratches, and he will just reply "Vagina Spiders" while scratching.


  • It is proven that Vagina Spiders can bite through rubbers according to Angry Grandpa.
  • Giant knives are the best weapon to kill them.
  • The term is likely a reference to the parasitic Crab Louses and Scabies from sexual intercourse.
  • Angry Grandpa tends to use Vagina Spider as a slang to argue with females such as Tina and Bridgette.
  • Angry Grandpa has a huge fear of catching a Vagina Spider.
  • Vagina Spiders can also be found on women's hair. One case is Tina in the Grandma Won't Leave video.

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