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  • Rushwrj13

    Pickleboy Gets Grounded By Angry Grandpa is a video uploaded via GoAnimate by Charlie Cheswick on August 18, 2015. 

    The video begins with Pickleboy introducing himself to the viewers. He tells the audience he is going to prank his father by giving him orange juice filled with laxatives. Angry Grandpa overhears him, and asks him if he is pulling another prank on him (in a rather rude manner). Pickleboy says he isn't, but Angry Grandpa does not buy it, persuading Pickleboy to tell the truth. As a consequence, Angry Grandpa decides to "ground" Pickleboy to his room, telling him to go there "as slowly as possible" because it is GoAnimate (breaking the 4th wall). After about 50 seconds, Pickleboy has exited the room. Angry Grandpa addresses the a…

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  • Rushwrj13

    The following is a list of instances where a character in the AGP series has been grounded: 

    Victim Video Reason
    Angry Grandpa GRANDPA'S NURSE - THE PRANK Tina grounded him in his room with no TV because he had the cold
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