• Greedyselfish

    End this already.

    December 1, 2016 by Greedyselfish

    Look, I don't care if Angry Grandpa's videos are fake or not. But this recent crossover they're doing with McJuggerNuggets is making everything out to be that way. At the very least, Grandpa, Michael, and hell even Bridgette are much better people than Jesse Ridgeway is. I've never cared for any of McJuggerNuggets or Jesse's videos, but he has always seemed like to me a tragic, money-grabbing ripoff of The Angry Grandpa Show and Wafflepwn's Freakout videos.

    Now that Angry Grandpa and the "Psycho Dad" finally faced off, it's time for this "storyline" to end. I don't want AGP or KidBehindACamera to lose anymore subscribers than they have already. It's just very tragic it has come down to this point. I still like The Angry Grandpa Videos and A…

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