Ok, as you guys may have seen in the past couple of weeks, there has been an issue going on with me and another user on this wiki.  First and foremost, I want to point out that I do care about all of you who come on here and help out the wiki.  Trust me, it's not easy to maintain this wiki all the time, especially if you work and go to school.

The incident I have been having with this user is that this person joined the wiki in 2014, and was active until January of 2016.  This user came back near the end of 2016 and the first thing this user does is ask to be an administrator and bureaucrat.  I respond by saying if said user is more active and is friendly towards our userbase and follows the rules, then in due time I would consider it.

Now this user does have a background in wiki administration which was a plus to me.  However, as this user was becoming more active, I noticed a lot of the articles and pages that were ok at first, were being altered to a different format.  I explained to this user saying that these edits were not necessary and was responded with the fact that our way of editing was awful in comparison to other wikis, which I did take offense to because we all worked hard to make this wiki become what it is right now.

At first I let the issue go because it was not a big problem at first.  However, when I would come on daily to observe what has been going on at the wiki, I have noticed an increase of more pages being completely reformatted which were not needed as they were completely legible.  To my knowledge, nobody else had an issue with how the wiki looked, and if you guys do have an issue, you can always talk to me or a moderator.  We are here to help you all.

Again, as the weeks went by and saw more changes, I again addressed the fact that these changes were not needed, and the user began to compare this wiki to another wiki saying we should have a format like that one, as well as the fact I was told to learn how to include references and how to format the wiki properly.  I did get upset at the fact that this user was in fact physically changing the structure of this wiki and I did lash back at this user for it.  I do in fact regret saying some of the things I said, but I have no regrets in what I said about how our editing style was insulted.  I do aplogize for that manner, as that was not how an admin should respond.

Later in the middle of January 2017, this user asked me if I could change a photo on a protected page.  I responded by saying I could.  As I was beginning to do the edit, I had an emergency come up with one of my family members.  I literally had to stop everything and take my family to the hospital to have them treated due to this emergency.  Keep in mind I was gone for 4 to 5 days after I said that I was going to edit it as I had to take care of my relative that was hurt in an accident as well as balance school and work.  The user then responded if they could just do it themselves and I said to show me the photo and I would do it as I was starting to get mildly annoyed at the user.  I now realized that I should have explained what had happened, but I was under pressure of all of my life events going on that I didn't think about that.

Earlier today was the straw that broke the camel's back.  I decided after being off of work today that I would go through and add in some information about the new house that Grandpa was in.  A few hours after I woke up, I noticed this user went through and moved all of the information I had, fixed the supposed typos in it, and again, reformatted the page.  I went an undid the edit and told the user once more it was not necessary and protected the page.  Now, according to the rules of the wiki, if an edit war is to begin, that page would immediately be protected until the issue was resolved.  This was to prevent a constant war of edits on the wiki.  This user proceeded to go onto my wall and say that the house page was his contribution to the wiki (Which it is, but keep in mind that does not mean you're entitled to do anything you want on them) and that I had no right in changing the protection of the page because it was theirs.  This user began to argue and fight about how I would not reply for days and take people's suggestions.  This user ended their response by saying that they were unappreciated and that I needed help with running the wiki before announcing their departure.

Now, this is a very delicate situation.  I have been on this wiki since Jan. 1 of 2013 and I have seen months go by where hardly any editing on this wiki was being done.  The founder of the wiki disappeared and I was the only one who took a stand and adopted the wiki in hope that I could restore it to a better version of it's former self.  During the time I was rebuilding the wiki, people were coming back, they were editing, commenting, adding in information.  Compared to the months that went by with hardly anything, I thought this was a great recovery.  However, when someone else tells me that there's stuff wrong here and it needs a lot of improvement, it makes me feel as if all the work I put into bringing back this wiki was worthless and I was very upset about that.

I lastly want to apologize to this user for some, but not all of the things I said throughout this time.  I also apologize to everybody on this wiki who was exposed to the behavior that I displayed to this person.  There were things I said that was not professional for an admin to do.  I do have an admin background myself, but it has been a few years since I had an admin position, and I felt as though my skills and professionalism declined, which does show in these events.  I will do my hardest to improve myself as well as continue to improve this wiki to make it a very proud place for all AGP fans to come and enjoy.

Thank you.


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