With the recent video posted about a week after Grandpa's cancer announcement, Grandpa has answered the question that most fans have been worried about.  Will Angry Grandpa be able to continue making videos?  Answer: Absolutely, he said he'll keep breaking stuff if he wants to.  Now, it's pretty evident that Michael is not taking this well at all.  He didn't like the fact that Grandpa was joking around with his cancer and did not want to prank him anymore.  I do understand where he's coming from, but there's only 2 things you can do about things.  Laugh it off and enjoy yourself, or stay sad and cry about it, and Michael is still upset about the situation.  There has also been shots in the video of Grandpa showing the skin on his back where it has been affecting him, and in all honesty, it is concerning.  One lesion is right on his spine, and there is a chance of complications, but we're going to stay positive and hope Grandpa comes back with a clean bill of health. :3

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