Hello editors!  Today, I'd like to see a relationship heading on every character depicting their relationships with other characters.  Use this as Bridgette for an example.  If you need help on how to edit this, look it up in the source editor.

Thank you!



Michael Green

Michael is Bridgette's current boyfriend she has loved for over 8 years now. She currently lives with him and helps him out with his daily vlogs as well as help him prank his father. They have been through fights in the past, but have always pulled through for the sake of their relationship.

Angry Grandpa

Bridgette seems to have mixed feelings towards Angry Grandpa. Their first interaction was at a restaurant on a date with Michael and his first words to her was "Who the hell is her?". She thinks he can be over reactive when it comes to minor incidents. There are times when she can't stand him, but also times where she can team up with him to prank Michael.

Jennifer Green

Bridgette and Jennifer have had many altercations in the past and have shown to have a strong dislike towards each other.  Their first fist fight was hinted by Jennifer on her Facebook page where a fan reportedly messaged her about the event in which Jennifer stated that "she was defending Michael and she was beating my ass so hard that I couldn't hit back.".  They had a second altercation back in January 2013 after Bridgette refused to pay Grandpa's cable bill, and was yelling at Grandpa, causing Jennifer to storm in the living room ready to fight her.  She responded by screaming at Jennifer to get a job while calling her a bitch and Michael had to use himself to keep the two from clawing each other. She left immediately after the fight, leaving Michael at his dad's. As of recently, they still seem to not like each other, but they do not have any fights about anything.

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