You guys may have noticed that there is A LOT of changes that have been done on the welcome page.  All of that work was done by CanarysQuinn, who contacted me on Skype and showed me different logos and layouts that can be used to help make this wiki look much nicer.  She helped me set up the new Angry Grandpa Wiki logo as well as helped format the layout of the welcome page.  I wanna thank her for helping me with this wiki, and for this, she is now a content moderator for the wiki.

Also, if you guys know any wiki users who are great at editing and know how to use source code, invite them over.  We only have an average of 5-6 editors out of 25, and we need some more active users here.  Help spread the word about this wiki so we can all get together as a team and make this wiki be even better than before!  :3


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