I have been a user on this wiki for almost 3 years.  Currently, there is no active administrator on this wiki.  The only administrator is GunShow2, however, after looking at his logs, he has not replied or edited anything since October of 2014.  I have tried to contact him back in mid May of 2015, with no luck.  With me being ranked #1 on this wiki as well as having previous experience of administration of another wiki, I have decided to apply for an adoption of this wiki.  That way, we can clean up unnecessary pages as well as make this wiki a more user friendly place, especially for newcomers who wish to contribute to this wiki.  I may not have done a lot of editing in a while, but I have been watching to see if there's been any change, and sadly, not much has been done to help clean up the wiki.  That's why I'm deciding to take action now that way we can make sure this wiki will look professional and better than it ever was!


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