Okay... So as we all probably have heard, if not yet, about Grandpa's condition that was just released.  I want people on here to realize that this is not a joke at all.  As a med student, simple squamous carcinoma is extremely volatile when it is in it's latency stage (which looks like it is for Grandpa's case).  It can metasisize to different parts of the body easily.  I have noticed in his videos about his arms being cut or the skin looking discolored, but did not assume it was cancer right away.  According to Grandpa, he'll have to have 6 hours worth of surgery on his back as they are afraid it has spiderwebbed around his spinal cord, risking the chance of paralysis.  According to Grandpa, this is his worst fear, and is very scared about it, but has faith that the surgeons will get rid of it all.  Right now, fans are on edge right now due to his mother being diagnosed a month before her death, that something similar may happen to Grandpa.  Luckily for the fans, Michael has addressed that this will not stop them from making videos, but as we all know from the video that was posted, Michael as well as the whole family are mourning as of right now, and I think it would be best for the day to just ask for a day of silence for them.  Any attempts to edit the wiki before February 11 at 3:30 p.m. EST will result in a 1 day block.

I wish AGP the best of luck for his path to recovery and that the army will stand by him, cancer or no cancer.


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