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  • Chihaku

    Okay, for any hardcore fans of AGP out here, we all have seen these two change over the years.  And I'm not trying to bash them in any way, shape, or form, but physically, they're not looking well.  According to Michael's recent vlog about Boogie2988's surgery, he weighs 375 lbs (170 kg, 26.7 stone) and Bridgette's is unknown because he censored hers.  Also, it is very evident now that Michael does snoop around this wikia because he said "The wikipedia page is going to be updated saying he failed at a diet again.".  Honestly, I don't care if Michael comes on here, however, this wikia is public domain for accurate information about the AGP series.

    Anyways on another subject, I watched the vlog last night and in all honesty, I am pretty mad a…

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  • Chihaku

    I'm not happy guys...

    July 20, 2017 by Chihaku


    I woke up at about 4am due to not being able to sleep well and I decided to come by on here and you know what I found?

    I found some Russian user on here completely spamming and literally destroying the wiki with ear rape music and giant pictures of guys smoking, which stretched the pages all to fuck.

    I have literally spent the last hour rollbacking EVERY, SINGLE, FUCKING, PAGE that this guy has just completely vandalized...

    I have no idea if this is just some stupid troll or bot, or if it's a hater of AGP, but whoever or whatever, they have really done a number to this wiki.  It really pisses me off because we all spent so much time making this wiki blossom, and I REFUSE to have some hater or troll take this wiki and change…

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  • Chihaku

    Okay, so there was a vlog Michael made, I don't quite remember which one it was, it was during the week, but he disclosed that he had some legal things going on, but didn't tell us.  It turns out on Tina's YouTube Channel that she has been posting videos about how her name was removed from the YouTube videos she was in, and took it to court and found in her favor, hence why the titles are still the same.  She has also ranted on about how Albert looked up to AGP when he was picked on by Michael and Bridgette.  She's made other accusations about how Charlie smoked pot in the house, Grandpa looking for pills in his Chevy, as well as explaining why she licks her lips constantly to protect herself from drug accusations.

    In all honesty, I think i…

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  • Chihaku

    With the recent video posted about a week after Grandpa's cancer announcement, Grandpa has answered the question that most fans have been worried about.  Will Angry Grandpa be able to continue making videos?  Answer: Absolutely, he said he'll keep breaking stuff if he wants to.  Now, it's pretty evident that Michael is not taking this well at all.  He didn't like the fact that Grandpa was joking around with his cancer and did not want to prank him anymore.  I do understand where he's coming from, but there's only 2 things you can do about things.  Laugh it off and enjoy yourself, or stay sad and cry about it, and Michael is still upset about the situation.  There has also been shots in the video of Grandpa showing the skin on his back wher…

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  • Chihaku

    Moment of Silence is over

    February 11, 2017 by Chihaku

    I want to thank everybody for being very respectful during these last 24 hours.  Many fans have been upset by the recent events, as well as the family, but we will get through it.  All we can do is wish Grandpa to get better soon, and to not give up.  Cancer is a very scary thing that affects families all around the world.  Luckily for us, our medical equipment is much better than what it was 15 years ago.  I have confidence that the surgeons who will take part in Grandpa's case will be able to handle this situation with great care.

    I will be lifting any bans and page protections during the last 24 hours.  Once again, thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and respect for the Green family in their time of need.

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