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  • Chihaku

    Hello guys, its been a long time since I posted... With everything that happened with AGP's passing and such, I admit, I didn't feel very upbeat to post on here, but I am always keeping tabs on what's going on.

    Now, I know I'm late to this party, but with all of the drama going down with Tina and Michael, how do you all feel about this?  I have a theory about this situation and it could be a series like the McJuggerNuggets saga.  Now that AGP is gone, Michael is grasping at straws to find something he can use to keep the channel alive.  This seems to be what is keeping people on their toes, especially with Bridgette being involved in it.  Have you guys noticed, she has been MUCH more bitchy than usual since the Tina drama has unfolded?  Ho…

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  • Chihaku

    AGP has passed on...

    December 11, 2017 by Chihaku

    Yes, it happened... While I was at work this evening, Charles Marvin Green Jr. has officially passed away...

    I have been watching this man since 2008-2009, and I have seen the best of times and the worst of times... My first video I saw was Angry Grandpa on TruTV telling his grandchildren that Santa didn't exist, and I was thinking "God damn, this man is crazy, but funny as hell.  I wanna see more of him!".  I subscribed when they were only at around 25k subscribers and to think that he has over 3 MILLION youngins watching him OVER A BILLION TIMES is astonishing.  He has truly put a legacy onto the youngins across this world of ours.

    AGP, I hope you are not hurting anymore... Be at peace, and be sure not to break too much stuff in heaven whe…

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  • Chihaku

    AGP's Decline in Health

    December 10, 2017 by Chihaku

    So, for those following the vlogs, it's been informed to the Yougin's that AGP is not doing well again.  According to Michael, Grandpa is constipated and his ammonia levels are starting to rise into dangerous levels again, and this time, there may not be a way to fix it.  Jennifer called Michael and told him to go to the hospital because AGP may not make it.  He was unconscious when Michael arrived, and he is sensing that Grandpa may pass away soon...

    Now, we know how he's been lately, and honestly, this is very scary.  Grandpa's Mother and Sister died during the holidays, and I'm worried that Grandpa may not make it to Christmas.  They're trying to get Kim to Summerville ASAP, however with the snowstorm that has hit the east coast, her fli…

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  • Chihaku

    Charlie Green...

    November 10, 2017 by Chihaku

    I have decided to make this blog about the whole Charlie Chill/Again/Travels situation, and I would like to let people know that this is my personal opinion/rant on him and all the stuff he has caused.  It may not be appropriate for the leader of this wiki to say this, but it needs to be told.

    Charlie, you're a selfish piece of fucking garbage.  Words can't even describe how royally fucked up you are.  You let your sister get raped by your friend, THE BIG BROTHER, who is supposed to PROTECT HIS SIBLINGS!  You forced her down and she was screaming to stop.  You're absolutely disgusting for letting that happen to her.

    You grew up to be a person who did bad things, but Michael and Grandpa never thought you was a bad person (At least not up unti…

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  • Chihaku

    This is the tweet that we've really not been hoping for... It's so devastating to all the youngins that this may be it for a man that we have grown together to love... I remember watching him back on before they even started YouTube and for the 9 years I have known these people, they have grown to me and have a special place in my heart...

    Please, if you are religous, pray for AGP to survive this or to let him relieve his pain.  I will send my thoughts and prayers to the family.

    Isaac has started a #WeLoveAGP on Twitter.  If any of you youngins are reading this and have a twitter account, please, change your profile to a picture of Grandpa that you like and send out a tweet with the hashtag #WeLoveAGP along with a photo of your fav…

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