"Grandpa doesn't like it when people hide his food and he really doesn't like it when he finds out he ate a burrito dug out of the trash"
— Description

The Garbage Burrito is a destruction video where Angry Grandpa loses his burrito and Michael finds it in the trash and wraps it up before Grandpa notices. This video was uploaded on September 6, 2013 by TheAngryGrandpaShow and has over 2,310,000 views as of January 2018.


Angry Grandpa is pissed that he can't find his burrito he bought from Taco Bell and accuses Michael and Bridgette of taking it. After looking through his fridge and smashing a pair of mouldy tomatoes on the ground, Angry Grandpa decides to search his room. As Angry Grandpa continues ranting and complaining in his room, Michael finds the burrito (or A burrito) in a trash bag and, remembering the the garbage dog prank, decides to tell Angry Grandpa that he found it in the Taco Bell bag used for takeaways. 

After microwaving it, Angry Grandpa starts eating it to the disgust of Michael and Bridgette. During his 2nd bite, he finds a cigarette butt in the burrito and angrily proclaims ""GOD DAMN CIGARETTE BUT IN MY BURRITO!" "THEM GOD DAMN MEXICAN MOTHER FUCKERS!". Michael then reveals that the burrito was in the trash, causing Angry Grandpa to tip over his table and accidentally spill coffee onto his tablet, which he proceeds to destroy in a fit of rage.

He then goes ballistic and repeatedly yells "I WANT MY GODDAMN BURRITO!" as he decimates the garbage burrito, nearly flips over his table, and smashes a plate onto the ground. The video ends with Michael offering to buy a fresh burrito as Angry Grandpa continues to yell unintelligibly.


Angry Grandpa

Michael Green

Bridgette West


  • The screenshot uses the main channel's icon of TheAngryGrandpaShow.
  • This serves as the sequel to The Garbage Dog.