"The Burger King Four Cheese Whopper!" is a episode of Angry Grandpa.


The main plot of this episode is that Grandpa is forced by Michael to try out the Four Cheese Whopper, however the speaker was broken when he got there, so he then was pestered by Michael to get the Four Cheese giving in to him, when he gets it he infact likes it and says it is the best thing he has even had, however Michael Drops a bomb by saying there are YUMBOS, grandpa freaks out over it and gets a Yumbo, only to get more mad by the speaker, luckily he loves the Yumbo but is mad at Michael, so he drives off without him .



Angry Grandpa


  • Grandpa has a brain freeze in this video.
  • Was the first episode ever of AGP eating with teeth.
  • If you open the captions, you can see that text sayed "Four Chesse Waffle", which is hilarious.

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