Angry Grandpa Responds to YouTube
The Angry Grandpa responds to youtube is the first recorded Angry Grandpa video of the Angry Grandpa YouTube account or in other words, the first episode of the series. The video was made as a response to their previous account getting cancelled and featured Charles screaming and cussing and throwing things in the yard, which was directed at the YouTube rep. It was uploaded on June 19, 2010. The video would later be edited to cut the major profanities from the video to avoid getting banned again.


  • (Charles is standing out in the yard)
  • Charles: You know what? FUCK YOU YOUTUBE! You goddamned worthless piece of- You holler "Broadcast yourself! Broadcast yourself!" Now, why you stifling what the fuck I say? YOU GODDAMNED PIECE OF NO GOOD SHIT! Ever since fucking Google bought your ass, you've been a worthless piece of shit. You've got so many goddamned people on ... that, that you know. You got them of that fuckin' shit and I can't take it motherfucker!
  • (Charles throws a bike)
  • Charles: What am I doing? I'm goddamned mad! Fuck YouTube! You goddamned low life bastard sons of bitches!
  • (Charles throws another bike)
  • Charles: What do you want me to do? say (In an American accent) "Praise God! He'll do everything! OH, HALLELUJAH! YOUTUBE AND GOOGLE ARE GUNNA SAVE THE MOTHERFUCKIN' DAY!" FUCK YOU YOUTUBE YOU GODDAMNED PIECE OF SHIT!
  • (Charles pulls a cable that is tangled on another bike)
  • Charles: I hate fucking YouTube! I hate fucking YouTube! YouTube, you can suck my fucking dick! That's all got to say you goddamned piece of shit! What do you want me to do? Be goddamned politically correct? Fuck you and that- Hold that motherfucker! Hold that motherfucker!
  • (Charles grabs the camera from Micheal)
  • Micheal: Aaah!
  • Charles: (Straight into the camera) FUCK YOU YOUTUBE! Hey, what you gunna do? Cut this off you bastards!? HEY GOOGLE! FUCK YOU!
  • Micheal: You cut my hand off.
  • (Charles gives the camera back to Micheal)
  • Charles: YOUTUBE! FUCK YOU! Oh and you goddamned wimpy little wimpy little motherfucking little goddamned YouTube! FUCK YOU! ... Fans! Write YouTube! Call em! Tell em they fuckin' suck you little bastards! Cutting grandpa off. He don't need you bitch! Grandpa's better than you! FUCK YOU! Goddamned motherfucker!
  • (Charles throws a bunch of things around in the shed)
  • Micheal: What are you looking for?
  • Charles: I'm just exerting some steam! GOD HEEEEEEEL!!! FUCK YOU YOUTUBE!!! You won't see this bitch! You won't see this fat motherfucker!
  • (Charles throws everything back into the shed)
  • Charles: Goddamn! God fuck you! What the fuck is all this shit doing in my yard!
  • Micheal: You just threw that.
  • Charles: No, goddamn Bridgette did it. You know, you do a lot of goddamned damage around my house. There's that fuckin' nosy neighbor again!
  • (Camera shows one of the neighbors sitting on the trampoline)
  • Charles: Do you ever go the fuck home?
  • Neighbor: I'm pissed off at YouTube too.
  • Charles: Fuck yall.
  • Micheal: Shut the door.
  • (Charles tries to close the ashed door but it breaks off and falls on the ground)
  • Charles: WELL GOD DAMN!
  • Micheal: I said shut it!
  • Chalres: Well, that goddamn - THAT"S YOUR FAULT YOUTUBE!!! YOUR MOTHERFUCKIN' FAULT! Damn. I broke my goddamned door. How the fuck will I go fishing?
  • Neighbor: Then have a neighbor come and fix it for you.
  • (Charles struggles to fix the door)
  • Charles: FUCK! Turn that motherfucker off!
  • (Charles keeps trying to fix the door but keeps failing)
  • Chalres: Aw, you piece of shit!
  • (Charles starts handling the other door and that breaks too)
  • Charles: God da- ... Fuck you!
  • (Video ends)

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