TINA ISN'T HAPPY! is an episode from KidBehindACamera where Tina brings some mail to Pickleboy, then explains that she's pissed off!.


Michael: What's going on you guys, KidBehindACamera here! Don't look at those, they're not for a burn asshole, so PickleDick BehindAFuck... Oh, I already said that. BadFuckBehindACamera here, and today is Wednesday, and I've got nothing going on. As usual, I do nothing all day, and that's the life. Don't you love it? Don't you love doing nothing, 'cause I do. Tina is going to come back over for a little bit, and that's the only thing. So let's get today started.

Tina: Here's some mail, Mike.

Michael: What's this?

Tina: I don't know, somebody sent you something in there.

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