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This is the last known proof that the video once existed. There is currently no other links online that can direct you to the bomb prank.

Certain videos have been removed from Michael's, Bridgette's, and Grandpa's channels since the beginning for certain reasons and have yet to be re-uploaded.


  • To My Father (Removed from LillysDad315) - A video in which Kim responded to Grandpa making a video about an email she sent him, complaining that he cared more about his fan than he cared about his family.

    LAST PROOF that the Fake Bomb video ever existed.

Reason for Removal: Kim and Grandpa appear to have patched things up since exchanging videos, so she likely removed her video as an apology.

  • The Fake Bomb Prank (Removed from TheAngryGrandpaShow) - A video involving Michael pranking Grandpa into believing he received a bomb in the mail (It was a bunch of rocket flares bonded together with a clock strapped on and packaged in a UPS shipping box) causing Grandpa to go ballistic and mess his kitchen up. He freaks out on Michael when he confesses it's fake. The only pieces of evidence that the video ever existed are the two photos shown above. The first contains a full depiction of the video about to be premiered on YouTube, and the second shows a screen capture taken from the video showing Grandpa sitting at his kitchen table holding the "bomb" in his hand (possibly moments before he made a mess of his kitchen). Also, the aftermath of the prank can be seen in "Angry Grandpa's Fake Heart Attack 2", a video in which Grandpa gets back at Michael for the prank by (for the second time ever) faking a heart attack.
Reason for Removal: Multiple Reasons:
  1. Concerns for Grandpa's health.
  2. The fact that Michael could be arrested or get into Legal Trouble with the FBI.
  3. People saying it wasn't funny and was disrespectful.

  • R.I.P. Andy Griffith (Removed from BridgetteWest) - Michael whining out the Lyrics to The Andy Griffith Show theme song.
Reason for Removal: Dislikes.

  • Forgiving my parents (Removed from BridgetteWest) - Bridgette emotionally apologizing to her parents for personal reasons. This video was made in response to Michael's video [1] and Grandpa's video [2] both apologizing to certain people.
Reason for Removal: Unknown, most likely personal reasons.

  • Boston Terrier vs Kitten (Removed from BridgetteWest) - Video showing Lazy and a small kitten playing around.
Reason for Removal: Dislikes.

  • Car Crash (Removed from KidBehindACamera) A video showing Michael and Bridgette's encounter with a drunk who had just crashed into the back of their car. The woman continued to deny that she was drunk and that the accident wasn't her fault (due to her inebriated state.) The police arrive (not shown on Camera, but described by Michael in the second half of the video, where they drive away) and the woman is arrested after 4 large empty bottles of Budweiser were found in her car.
Reason for Removal: Legal reasons, as stated by several users who claim to have seen a comment from Michael elaborating the reason. Also, in the video, Michael states that the police officer ordered him to shut his camera off.

  • Singing "Cats" (Removed from BridgetteWest) - A video where Bridgette sings the song "Memory" by the Broadway Band "Cats." She sings it off-key, off annotation, and out of tune.
Reason for Removal: Dislikes and copyright infringement (due to the criteria of the Partner Program).

  • Grandpa Arrested (Removed from TheAngryGrandpaShow) - A video where Michael is filming Grandpa talking to the police in the dark from a distance, sitting in Bridgette's car in the empty lot next to Grandpa's when he was living in Trailwood. Michael does not say anything in this video.
Reason for Removal: Unknown, possibly personal reasons.

  • Update (Removed from BridgetteWest) - A video where Bridgette lets everyone know why it is taking so long for her to do her upcoming humiliation video where she dresses up in a princess outfit, full with a tiara and heels. Her reason is that she doesn't want to disappoint the fans by doing it under-par, and the dress would cost a lot of money.
Reason for Removal: Most likely that Bridgette does not want to do the humiliation video.

  • Banned From Walmart (Removed from KidBehindACamera) - A video showing Michael telling a story of how a man who he recently met on Facebook got kicked out of (and banned from) Walmart for showing his posterior in line at the cash register. Michael removed the video the day after it was uploaded to his channel, with an explanation video being put up in response to it.
Reason for Removal: The idea for the original video may have been bogus and not a true story.

  • THE CAT FOOD BURRITO! (Vomit Alert!) (Removed from TheAngryGrandpaShow) - A video in which Michael pranks Grandpa into eating two Taco Bell burritos packed with cat food causing Grandpa barf twice (into the sink after eating the first one and into a dishtowel after eating the second one). When Michael confesses both burritos had cat food in them, Grandpa gets really angry and the video ends with him chasing Michael halfway around the inside of his trailer with a taser which he received in the mail.

    The thumbnail of the video before it got deleted.

Reason for Removal: The video was removed approximately 4 hours after being uploaded after it was flagged for violating YouTube's policies (possibly because it involved Grandpa barfing twice).
This video has been re-uploaded by another YouTube user.

  • Angry Grandpa Kisses A Cat (Removed from TheAngryGrandpaShow) - Angry Grandpa has to go to Jessica's house to kiss a cat. After doing so, he nearly vomits on Jessica's lawn and rages at Michael for making him kiss a cat.
Reason for Removal: Unknown.
This video has been [[3]] on the AngryGrandpaARCHIVES channel

  • The Salt & Ice Challenge (Removed from TheAngryGrandpaShow) - Angry Grandpa and Michael, do the salt and ice challenge, resulting in marks.
Reason for Removal Unknown, possibly a violation of Youtube's policies.
Grandpa and Michael briefly mention and show their marks, from the Salt and Ice challenge, in the video GRANDPA'S FLAT TIRE at 5:01 minutes

The original link to the video

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