A picture of Phillip aka The Obsessed Fan

The Obsessed Fan is a minor character that has appeared on The Angry Grandpa Show.  He says his name is Phillip.  It was revealed later on that he is the boyfriend of Morgan.  He teamed up with Michael on a prank to act like a stalker to Angry Grandpa, such like peering into the blinds and looking through Angry Grandpa's van.



  • "Is this Angry Grandpa's house?!"
  • "I told you, I just figured it out...I've seen all your videos...I'm your biggest fan"
  • "I just want to be friends..."
  • "I want you Grandpa..."
  • Grandpaaaa.......
  • You know, I live around here I figured it out
  • I have seen all your movies man
  • Can we take a picture
  • Ah yeah!