He comes out after Angry Grandpa begins breaking plates out of anger waiting at 2 hours for his Deep Dish Pizza. He tries to calm Angry Grandpa down, but Angry Grandpa replies "I bet they want deep dish too!!!" a total of 5 times. Eventually, him, and a couple staff escort him out after he eats off the buffet table. He lastly tells Michael to turn off the camera.


  • The Manager says "Sir" more than any other word. He says it around 40 times. Angry Grandpa gets annoyed by this at one point and says, "Sir, my ass!"
  • CiCi's Pizza is one of the many places that Angry Grandpa is banned from.
  • The video was uploaded by a different user. It is unknown why this video is not uploaded to the main Angry Grandpa channel or where the other user got it from. It could've been deleted by the main account and somebody reuploaded it.

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