Lilly Grace Pratt (born October 7, 2010) is Kim's and her husband Ryan's oldest daughter, and Angry Grandpa's granddaughter and Michael's niece. She lives in New York and has a younger sister named Eliza. In the Video called "Trip to the Zoo" her full name was revealed to be Lilly Grace Pratt. In that video she was scolded for sneaking a gum ball before Kim had given her permission to have one.


  • She and Eliza call Michael "Uncle Bubba"
  • She is the older sister of Eliza
  • In October 2012, Grandpa and Kim had a strained relationship. Kim emailed him complaining that he forgot Lilly's birthday and criticized him for never visiting them in New York. Grandpa states that he has a bad memory and doesn't even remember his own birthday. He also states that he cannot afford to travel to New York to visit them while they can easily come down to South Carolina and visit him. The video being titled "To My Daughter"
  • In October 8, 2011, Angry Grandpa makes a video saying Happy Birthday to her.