Lauren (born September 18, 1965) is the current fiancé of Angry Grandpa.  She was born in 1965 which makes her 52 but in her birthday video as a joke to make grandpa mad they put 32 on the cake as they also put 9 on AGP cake later on his birthday.  She initially dated Grandpa for a while, but left him. Michael and Grandpa went to the fair, where they coincidentally met Lauren.  The reunion was set up by Michael and Bridgette after they contacted Lauren and she agreed to fly in and meet them at the fair, unbeknownst to Grandpa. They got along very well, and so the relationship rekindled between the two. She is not fond of the camera very much, though she seems to slowly get used to it as she is appearing in more videos and even holding the camera for some videos.  She seems to also be given constant threats by Grandpa to pack her shit and leave if she tries to take his cigarettes away or making jokes by Michael that she is being paid to stay, but everybody, including her, take it as a joke.You can see her on TheAngryGrandpaLive channel that agp has for his live streams. On November 4 2017 Grandpa asked Laurent to marry him so as of that day she became the fiancé of Grandpa and the stepmother of Michael.

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