Joshua Henry Watson (born between c. 1962 and 1968 – disappeared in 2006) is Jennifer's ex-husband and a dead-beat father to her children: J.C., Johnny, Jimmy, and Jacob.  He has never appeared in any of the videos featured in The Angry Grandpa Show or any other related YouTube channels of the family other than being talked about or being shown in a picture.  He is never talked about in a good way by anyone in the family, like Kim calling him "Piece of Crap Josh.


The last that Angry Grandpa heard of Joshua is that he was living in Pennsylvania (possibly near the middle of the state).  He would drop his children off with Jennifer and abandon them.  After having surgery, he tried taking his children, but Angry Grandpa wouldn't let him.  The only way that the Green family found where he was living was by filing a police report saying that he went missing.  After being found, he asked Angry Grandpa why they were looking for him.  In court, he denied being the father of his children, and did not want to pay child support.


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