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Jesse Tyler Ridgway (born September 29, 1992), better known by his online alias McJuggerNuggets or RiDGiD Studios, is an American actor, director and YouTuber from New Jersey who mainly produces skits and vlogs. He is best known for playing fictionalized versions of himself, most infamous being Jesse Ridgway, the selfish, manipulative man child, in his YouTube series, the Psycho Series.


Jesse started his YouTube channel on December 9, 2006 and came up with name "McJuggerNuggets" after using the washroom. Prior to this, he had Chicken McNuggets. He named his channel "McJuggerNuggets" and started making various videos soon after. Despite having a weight problem, it was a time when his family was supportive to the gradually slow success of the channel, starting from his first videos. In 2010, Jesse became a graduate of Arthur P. Schalick High School. In June 2014, he had graduated from Rowan University with a degree in Film. Footage of his college graduation celebration was seen in the skit Jesse Reaches 100,000 Gamerscore[1].

Meeting Pickleboy

He made a guest appearance on the video SEARCHING FOR MCJUGGERNUGGETS uploaded by KidBehindACamera on June 25th, 2016, however, Bridgette did not get to meet him since she chose to stay home due to undisclosed family issues.

Debunking of TheAngryGrandpaShow

There appears to be a new series from Jesse accusing Michael and Angry Grandpa of copying his series and implying that it is fake. In November 7, 2016, Jesse uploaded a video called PICKLEBOY CALLS ME OUT![2], Michael calls Jesse while Jesse is making a road trip to see Grandpa in Summerville. Michael was shown to be upset over the fact that Jesse called Grandpa fake. He felt like he should've been called instead of having it be viewed to the public. When Jesse asked Michael if it's fake, Michael asked why he is doing this. He tried to persuade Michael to answer since he revealed The Psycho Series, but Michael refused to answer and wanted the video title to be changed. Michael was also outraged that he lost subscribers and that he feels like his life is in jeopardy over the video. Jesse even has gone as far as showing up at Michael's new home to try to find evidence that the series is fake. In Michael's vlogs, Jesse even asked to sleep over at his house for a while unaware that it was a ruse to go through Michael's belongings to find out if AGP was fake. Michael caught him multiple times and kicked him out of the house for it, but Jesse asked if he could just meet Grandpa for 5 minutes to ask a couple of questions to which Michael reluctantly agreed to. Jesse on the roof outside at night with his camera also overheard Bridgette and Michael on vlog talking about Jesse being a rude guest in the house. He filmed them while in the dark outside as they were also filming but they didn't know that Jesse was eaves dropping on them.

The next day, in the vlog ANGRY GRANDPA KICKS ME OUT![3], Jesse is in shock to find Grandpa in a wheelchair to which Michael did not want filmed because he doesn't want people to think Grandpa is frail and weak. Jesse asked why he was in a wheelchair and Grandpa replies that he recently got hurt and showed his leg which was swollen and purple, which Jesse questioned if that was make up. Enraged, Grandpa told Parker to show the camera on his leg and asked the fans how could someone fake a swollen leg. Jesse also asked why the police don't show up when they threaten to call them in the videos, to which Michael screams that family is all they have and that they love each other. At this point Grandpa was even more enraged and threw a chair at Jesse and wanted to kick them out, which Michael did himself. Enraged, Michael felt betrayed and told the two to go back to New Jersey. At some point, Jesse returned again the same night, Jesse apologized and they offered him soup. Grandpa eventually threw coffee on him and flipped the bowl of soup on him.

In the vlog ANGRY GRANDPA DESTROYS DRONE![4], Jesse felt as though it was all pre planned from the interview he had. He decided to send a drone over Grandpa's house, seeing nobody on the porch, however, he saw one of his dogs running in the backyard, thinking it was a german shepherd. He even went as far as sneaking up the porch and even breaking into Grandpa's house to see if he was fake. While hiding in the living room, he sees Grandpa opening a box full of candy while he was still in his wheelchair. At this point, Jesse launched his drone in the living room, scaring Grandpa to where he jumps out of the wheelchair and smashes the drone with one of his swords. Jesse screams and tells Grandpa to calm down, but Grandpa grabs his sword and tells them to leave. The two flee the property with Grandpa behind them, throwing the sword at them as they run. Jesse and Parker begin to question some more because Michael said Grandpa couldn't walk, but he was able to get up just fine and even chase them. Jesse says he was heading back to Michael's house for answers as the vlog ended. Some fans are speculating that this will also lead to a Psycho Dad vs. Angry Grandpa fight over these videos. This is a new installment of McJuggerNuggets and there will be more information posted as the channel produces more of these videos.

A few vlogs after Jesse and Parker escaped from Boogie2988's house, Jesse later found out he had been pranked by Boogie and Michael In the vlog. Later he goes back to Charleston, North Carolina back to Michael's house at night. While Bridgette and Michael were vlogging, their plans for the night's daily vlog was interrupted where they saw a car lights out the kitchen window and a they heard talking off at a distance. Michael goes out to the back porch telling Bridgette to stay behind on the porch and film. She later stopped filming which ended their short vlog for the night. While on Jesse's vlog, Michael goes behind the pool house to find that McJuggernuggets aka Jesse returned once again. While Jesse and Parker were searching in the storage room behind the pool house. Michael arrives out of the dark and shuts the storage room door locking him and Parker inside.

The next morning Michael and Jesse "who was still stuck in the storage room with Parker filming with Jesse's camera" have an argument on his vlog while Bridgette was on the side with Michael's Camera vlogging as well. As soon as Michael opened the door and told them not to return again. That's when he and Parker dashed off. Michael thought that they were leaving, but they snuck into the house to his room to find the marker board he saw on Michael's recent vlogs. As soon as he found it that's when he realized that the Angry Grandpa show was fake. But the board he found was supposed to be plans for Michael's first Angry Grandpa comic he was in the process of working on. Jesse and Parker escaped out the front door. Later on that night Jesse was seen spray painting a toy gun black to make it look like a real gone and he was going to try to put an end to angry grandpa's channel by reenacting the scene from "The Psycho Series" he did with his father on a vlog. As soon as they arrived to Angry Grandpa's house they come in to where Angry Grandpa was about to have a cup of coffee. The moment He saw Jesse and Parker walk in, they triggered his anger again due to what happened the last time after Jesse and Parker sneaked into his house flying a drone at him. He told them to leave but, the moment Jesse pulled out his gun he quickly backed away having an argument confused to what Jesse was saying. Grandpa managed to get the gun and he pulled the trigger which had the gun to make laser shooting sounds instead of a bullet being put in Jesse's head. When this happened, Jesse realized that he could've lost his life if the gun was actually real and not fake, and noticed how much of a Psycho Grandpa truly was. Grandpa freaks out realizing that the gun was fake and he slams it down in rage having a meltdown yelling telling parking and Jesse to leave at once and as they left, Angry Grandpa was still in the raging moment. As they pulled off Jesse was so paranoid to the point where he went with his next plan to call and report to his his father "Psycho Dad" on what happened. The next morning Psycho Dad aka Jeffery Ridway Sr. packs his bags leaving home heading to the airport and boards his flight, Within a few hours, he arrives into the town of Charleston on a plane on later that afternoon.

Attending Angry Grandpa's funeral

When Jesse saw the news of Angry Grandpa's passing, He along with his father, Jeffery Ridgeway Sr, also known as "Psycho Dad", traveled back to Summerville and Charleston, North Carolina to meet Michael and the family at the funeral by surprise. Michael never thought that he was going to show up cause when someone shouted "Hey I just saw McJuggernuggets and Psycho dad pulling up" and at first Michael thought that person was joking until Jesse and his Dad came put the car. He and his father gave their condolences to him and the family and decided to stay a few days at his house. Jesse also tagged along with Michael, Keemstar and Dayum Drops "along with Charlie Green III tagging along" to do a couple of vlogs such as daily vlogging going to see a movie and food reviews.