Jennifer Renee Green (Born November 6, 1983) is the second oldest of Angry Grandpa's children, along with being the mother of Jay, Johnny, Jacob, and Jimmy.

She is the sister of Michael, Kim, and Charlie.


She's seen in the very first video (which took place in 2007) where Angry Grandpa's telling his two children (Jay and Johnny "Born at the time before Jacob and Jimmy") Famous video. She was frequently seen during the 2010-2011 Batch of videos for visits to the Green Household, but appeared less and less (along with her kids) during early 2012, but recently started making more appearances in the 2013 batch of videos. She's currently unmarried as she divorced back in 2006. For awhile in 2013, due to lack of a job and financial support, she and her kids were seen staying at Grandpas new trailer. Also staying with Michael at his Apartment in a few videos on KidBehindACamera after that. She has since moved out on her own leaving her kids to stay with her father "Angry Grandpa" until she can get her life back on track. She often visits her sons and father to check up on them as well as helping the family. In recent videos, AGP mentions "who let's you live here," so she may live there with him. As of 2017, she has become a main character replacing Charlie after being kicked out of the Green Family and she is seen frequently in videos. In Michael's latest vlog WE HAVE BAD NEWS... Michael gets a call from AGP telling him that Jennifer was severly burned after an aerosol can exploded in a burn pile.


  • She stayed with Angry Grandpa in his New Trailer due to Marital and Financial problems, though recently she claims she has moved out.
  • Back in the past, she is known for having conflicts with Bridgette in some videos because Bridgette does not like the fact that she lived with Angry Grandpa for years in the past without helping with the bills, and therefore thinks she binged off of him.
  • Is well known for not having a job to support her four children, even though she is twenty-nine years old. Both Bridgette and Grandpa have berated her for it on numerous occasions in the past which is why she and Bridgette hate each other and have gotten into altercations over it.
  • She had a pitcher of tea in her face by Angry Grandpa after she took his headphones.
  • Has been seen in 2-4 videos of Angry Grandpa's, as well as several videos from KidBehindACamera and Angry Grandpa Archives.
  • Created a YouTube Channel in late October 2012 Her YouTube Channel
  • In a video that would go on to appear on TruTV's most shocking she pulled a prank on Angry Grandpa by putting shaving cream in an ice cream cone and got him to take a mouthful of it, he then angrily smashed it in her hair as revenge.
  • In September of 2012, she appeared in a very intense and serious video called "Angry Grandpa Loses It!" where grandpa shouted at her and berated her for not having a job and lying around all day and not helping him pay any bills. The video is considered one of the most tension filled and controversial videos in Angry Grandpa history. The video here:
  • In a video called "Grandpa's first rage of 2013", she attempted to help Grandpa move his bed around in his room but she hurt her back and eventually Michael helped but Grandpa got angry and threw a chair at them and broke it and she refused to help him after her chased her with the broken arm from the chair, causing Michael and Grandpa to have a difficult and frustrating job of turning the bed around themselves, which resulted in the bed being broken several times. It infuriated Grandpa to the point he forcibly removed Michael from the trailer after it was done. The video here:
  • In February 2012 she appeared in a video where she needed money for cigarettes. Michael and Bridgette offered to buy her some as well as a drink and snack if she could drink a "Meatshake." Pickleboy blended together several different ingredients including ham, turkey, egg, ranch dressing and milk. Jennifer made several attempts to swallow it but kept throwing it up and gagging.
  • Michael once got her to watch the video of Angry Grandpa's second toenail surgery where he ripped off several of his toenails. She ended up vomiting several times.
  • She is known for not having a job and living off Angry Grandpa sometimes. She can't support her own kids which means they either have to stay with Angry Grandpa or Tina. She also only sticks up for grandpa because she needed his trailer to live in and cable.
  • In a recent video of Grandpa's Corner he said her ex husband Joshua Henry Watson is a dead beat father to three of their boys. Grandpa said he never took care of them or help Jennifer raise them and one day disappeared and the only way they found him was when they filed a missing person's report and discovered he was now in Pennsylvania living a new life and was angry when they found out where he was. When they divorced he tried to get custody of their kids but Grandpa wouldn't let it happen. He then claimed they weren't his children and refused to appear in court. Grandpa says he works under the table to avoid paying child support to Jennifer which is why she cannot support her children. Grandpa says he lives somewhere in central Pennsylvania and is married to a woman named Mary, and hopes people find out who he is and make his life hard.
  • On the video Family Meltdown, she was in another fight with Bridgette when she refuses to pay a $350 cable bill. They both started arguing when Bridgette was yelling at Angry Grandpa. Michael tried to break it up but they were still yelling and arguing. In the end, they both stop yelling.
  • Jennifer can be seen again in Angry Grandpa's new house and she and Bridgette get along pretty well.
  • In the video "Angry grandpa ruins thanksgiving" uploaded in November of 2015, Jennifer was wearing a Dean Ambrose hoodie, it's assumed that she's a WWE fan.
  • After the disowning of Charlie Green, she has replaced him as a role in the main cast of the Angry Grandpa series.
  • She has a new YouTube channel called, Jennifer Green.
    • She has recently changed her channel name to "LifeWithJenn"
  • On August the 17th 2017, she was burning some old trash in Angry Grandpa's Backyard and while she was pushing the trash in with a rake, she didn't notice under the pile that there was an aerosol that exploded open in the fire and the flames blaze at Jennifer burning her arms legs face and her hair. Her Clothes were burned and her scalp on her head is burned. She suffered 3rd degree burns in several areas of her body. Lauren doused her and rushed her to the hospital as quick as she could. and then later she was sent to Augusta Georgia hospital for surgery. Few days later she is back home wearing a cast and she stated that she still has several more surgeries to under go soon in hopes of getting her skin back to how its was before.

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