Joshua Charles "JC" Watson (born April 2, 2001) is a minor character of TheAngryGrandpaShow and the first of Angry Grandpa's grandchildren. He is the oldest son of Jennifer Green and Joshua Watson. His three younger siblings are Jimmy, Johnny and Jacob.


His mother Jennifer was seven months pregnant with him when she went into preterm labor. It appears that he was named after his father Joshua, who was never partaking in his life since he ran out on his mother and married another woman. Leaving his mother depressed and struggling hard trying to support him and his brothers, Angry Grandpa stepped in and decided to look after the kids he now has custody over them. Ever since his uncle Michael started the TheAngryGrandpaShow, GrandpasCorner and KidBehindACamera channels, he has appeared in many videos serving as the minor character.

He is often at Grandpa's house playing on Michael's Xbox 360 or on Grandpa's laptop. When The Angry Grandpa Show received an award from YouTube for reaching 100,000 subscribers, J.C. gave a two thumbs to the camera, congratulating the show. While he was at Grandpa's house, he helped record one of the "Cooking with Grandpa" videos, when Grandpa was making the mini pizzas. On December 25th, 2011, he received an Xbox 360 from Angry Grandpa as a Christmas present. He usually plays it with his brothers, but Grandpa recently destroyed it. However, JC seems to have gotten a replacement. For his 12th birthday, Mike took him to GameStop to get his birthday presents, which was a new Xbox 360 game, a new controller and some cupcakes. JC seemed to be depressed at school, since he caused trouble by falling asleep and throwing books around.



  • JC seems to act camera shy and doesn't want to be in too many of the videos.
  • Michael stated that JC doesn't lie to him, but he did when he pranked Michael by making him think that he and Tina were homeless.
  • He calls Michael "Mike".
  • Loves playing the Xbox 360 with his brothers.
  • He has a good relationship with his Uncle Michael but on and off relationship with his grandpa.
  • Refers to Angry Grandpa as "Poppa".
  • JC gave TheAngryGrandpaShow two thumbs up for reaching 100,000 subscribers.
  • Tina once gave JC 40 dollars for his birthday, which was more than what Grandpa gave.
  • He is also known to be the most annoying and ungrateful child out of the four as stated by Angry Grandpa. 
  • He was pranked by Michael with Silly String. 
  • Michael has been known to cover JC in even sillier string, particularly in the bedroom.
  • JC is scared of Michael Myers.
  • He used to get in trouble at school as seen in the possum stew prank.
  • He sometimes stays at Grandpa's house on a couple of occasions but lives with his mom.
  • On the KidBehindACamera channel In the vlog titled "HUMILIATED IN TARGET!!" published on July 26, 2016, Michael reveals that JC was 15 years old at the time.
  • JC has a girlfriend, we just never hear any mention of her. This was revealed in a text between Michael and Jennifer that we can see for a split second in the vlog "I love you dad." around 4:37 (Timestamp of the video).


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