Jacob Watson (born May 29, 2007) is one of Angry Grandpa's grandchildren. He is the son of Jennifer Green and Joshua Watson, the younger brother to Johnny and Joshua "JC" and the older brother to Jimmy.


Jacob first appeared in the first Angry Grandpa show when Grandpa tells his grandsons there is no Santa Claus which, ruins the kids' Christmas. Jacob has appeared numerous times in The Angry Grandpa Show or Grandpa's Corner with his brothers, either playing or involved in a prank. It seems like Jacob has a close bond with his younger brother Jimmy, since they usually playing games together. His favorite meal is pork chops.


  • TheAngryGrandpaShow "Grandpa ruins Christmas"
  • Cigarettes in Jello Prank
  • I made Partner (Michael)
  • Angry Grandpa DOESN'T Ruin Christmas!
  • Halloween 2012
  • Happy Birthday JC
  • Possum Stew Prank
  • Grandma has a new boyfriend.
  • Angry Grandpa Lights Out 1,2 & 3


  • He calls Michael "Mike", just like his brothers.
  • It seems like Jacob's favorite sport is basketball.
  • Jacob usually hangs out with his younger brother, Jimmy.
  • He has a good relationship with his Uncle Michael, but a rocky relationship with his Grandpa.
  • Refers to Angry Grandpa as "Poppa" (Grandpa).
  • Jacob is going to have a step father, since his mother is engaged.
  • Jacob loves Grandpa's cooking.

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