Greg is a friend and fan of Angry Grandpa. He is known for his first debut in "GRANDPA'S BODYGUARD (PRANK)"


Greg first appeared in "GRANDPA'S BODYGUARD (PRANK)" when he, Grandpa, and Bridgette prank Michael into thinking that Greg got hired as a bodyguard by Grandpa. He was waiting in Grandpa's bedroom, which would explain why he didn't appear next to Grandpa when Michael & Bridgette walked into his house that night

Greg enters the room and calls Michael "Pickledick". Greg starts lecturing him about him not showing Grandpa any respect. Greg starts calling him "Picklebitch" a few seconds later, making Grandpa and Bridgette laugh. Michael tries to sort things out, but it backfires when Greg threatens to beat him up

Michael gets scared and hides in the hallway bathroom. Greg, Angry Grandpa, and Bridgette go down the hallway. Grandpa tries to get Michael to come out and explain himself, but refuses. Greg bribes Michael by coming out of the bathroom, to which Michael says he'll leave as long as they don't hurt him. But, he still doesn't want to come out. They start teasing him and saying things like, "Ooh! I'm gonna sh** my pants! Wooooo!" Finally, Michael comes out of the bathroom

Grandpa and Greg start lecturing Michael. Grandpa forces him to apologize, much to Michael's intimidation. Greg tells Michael to apologize or else he'll have to get a piece of him. Michael still refuses to do so, but they keep lecturing him anyway.

Things end up in a disaster, when Michael gets scared again and tries to hide in the bathroom, but gets yelled at by Greg who is chasing him with a chair.

Finally, Michael apologizes. Greg tells him he will be even more sorry if he doesn't come out of the bathroom and apologize directly to his father.

Michael comes out of the bathroom, but runs out of the house and gets chased by Bridgette telling him to come back, because she needed to talk with him

Greg makes a 2nd appearance in "Bridgette's Surprise Party" as one of the guests for Bridgette's Surprise Birthday Party. This time, being involved in one of Michael's pranks. Michael, Grandpa, Greg, and Bridgette's family are the ones involved. He is seen wearing a dark shirt, a hat, and holding a cup of beer. He was disappointed during the party, because Bridgette was being mean and ungrateful to everyone, including Michael. He told Michael that getting 2000,1 subscribers sounded like a huge deal and he would be happy with it. At the end, they sing Happy Birthday to Bridgette (After the prank was revealed)

Greg makes a 3rd (and possibly final) appearance in "PICKLEBOY RUINS COOKOUT!" where he was invited to Grandpa's cookout, along with a few of Bridgette's family members. He & Grandpa are seen breaking pool sticks in-half. Bridgette's relatives (Including her Mom) are seen drinking and chatting. After being rudely interuppted, Michael asks what is going on and Grandpa explains that he's having a cookout. Michael asks why he & Bridgette did not get invited. The reason why, was because Grandpa got mad at them for trespassing at his house the day before, after he put up a "No Trespassing" sign by his front-door.

Grandpa tells Greg to throw them out. He hesitates at first, but decides to do it anyway. He yells at Michael to get out and never come back.

A few minutes later, Michael returns and asks Bridgette what happened. She tells him they were laughing. At the ending, Greg chases both of them out of Grandpa's house.

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