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Ernest "Fritz" Hollings (born January 1, 1922) is a retired US politican, who served as the Senator of South Carolina from 1966 until 2005. He had a meeting with Dorothy M. Green in the early 1960s, who told him about her husband, who had recently been in a car wreck. Fritz Hollings told her to leave him, and get remarried, which made Dorothy yell at him.


Frtiz Hollings was born in Charleston on January 1st 1922. He served three terms in the South Caroline house of representatives, from 1949 - 1954, and elected Lieutenant Governor of South Caroline in 1951, and Governor in 1958. He served as Governor until 1963, then served as Senator of South Caroline from 1966 until his retirement in 2005, making him the 8th longest-serving senator in history. In the 1960s, Dorothy Green was informed that if she didn't pay for her husband's medical care, she would have to "pull the plug" on him. Dorothy and her young son came to see Fritz Hollings. He said this: "Miss Green...You're a young woman. Start over. Forget about him. Go no about your life and give that boy a good daddy that'll take care of him." In response, Dorothy called him a "sorry son of a b**ch" and "garbage", before leaving.


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