Evelyn Marie Carlon (nee Luther) (born 1943) is the mother of Cindy West and the grandmother of Bridgette. Michael based his alter-ego Shannon on her. She owns a pet dog called Caesar who is known for disliking Michael.


Evelyn is featured on the KidBehindACamera channel, usually in vlogs taking place around holidays, since family comes together at that time. Her most notable appearance was in a vlog uploaded around Christmas 2016 called A CRAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE!! where Michael and Bridgette meet her at her house to give her a present. She can be heard in the background of a thanksgiving prank on Angry Grandpa. In the video, she too is responsible for his meltdown due to making snide comments. She later appeared in the vlog for Mother's Day 2017, in which she spent the day with Cindy, Bridgette and Michael.

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