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Read more at the separate article for Pants.


Angry Grandpa crapping his pants

Angry Grandpa occasionally craps his pants in some of the videos on-camera. When this happens, he usually exclaims "Oh God I shit myself!" or "I shit my pants!" This happens usually when he tries to fart but he accidentally craps himself, is extremely angry to the point where he craps himself, or after his son Michael pranks him making him shit in his pants. Some instances for example are when Michael pranked him with fireworks while he was asleep and he exclaimed he shit his pants, when he tried to fart at a BP gas station but sharted instead, while fixing his kitchen sink he realizes he's gotta go take a shit and tries to go to the bathroom but shits his pants before he is able to make it, and shits his pants during a Q&A interview.


  • Angry Grandpa does not care if he farts in public, or in Michael's face, but when he manages to shit himself in the process he's quite embarrassed.
  • Angry Grandpa is hardly ever subtle about it when he shits himself; he simply just makes it obvious by either smelling horrible, grabbing his ass to try to keep more shit from coming out his ass and running to the nearest toilet, or yelling that he just shit himself.
  • Angry Grandpa first shit himself on camera (or so he claimed) was when Michael collided with him while riding a bike.
  • On one of Michael's video's "Angry Grandpa Sharted" Michael explains while he and Grandpa were waiting in line at a BP gas station Angry Grandpa tried to fart but accidentally shit himself in front of everyone in the gas station.
  • Michael often makes fun of him for shitting in his pants. When they traded channels, Michael acted like Angry Grandpa and makes fun of how he always shits his pants.

Videos that Angry Grandpa has shit himself in:Edit

Angry Grandpa is Forever Alone-101:55

Angry Grandpa is Forever Alone-1

Craps his pants

20 Questions! (Q&A W Angry Grandpa)13:52

20 Questions! (Q&A W Angry Grandpa)

Craps his pants

Angry Grandpa - Fireworks Wakeup-002:06

Angry Grandpa - Fireworks Wakeup-0

Craps his pants

Angry Grandpa's Broken Kitchen Sink 2-101:58

Angry Grandpa's Broken Kitchen Sink 2-1

Craps his pants

Angry Grandpa - Popcorn blowout aftermath-303:24

Angry Grandpa - Popcorn blowout aftermath-3

Craps his pants

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