Dawn Michelle is Angry Grandpa's estranged eldest child. She has never been featured in a video, and has seldom been spoken about.


Dawn Michelle is believed to be AGP's daughter from his first marriage or a previous relationship. She has only been mentioned in one vlog on Grandpa's Corner - "For Susan.." - in which Grandpa states he loves "all five of [his] children", and names them all including a Dawn Michelle who "lives in Alabama." In February 2018, Michael revealed on Twitter that Angry Grandpa had lost all rights to see Dawn and had no relationship with her. Michael also revealed that Tina Green tracked Dawn down "20 years ago", and tried to reconnect her with her father. Unfortunately it didn't work out. It is possible that she has between 1 and 2 children, based on Grandpa stating his number of Grandchildren as "9" in the For Susan vlog, despite there only being seven known (Skylar from Charlie; JC, Johnny, Jacob and Jimmy from Jennifer; Lily and Eliza from Kim.)