The Collab Series is a series created by Jesse Ridgway on November 5, 2016 in an effort to see if TheAngryGrandpaShow is fake.


Jesse began thinking that Angry Grandpa stole his Psycho Series ideas for themselves and made a road trip to Summerville to locate Michael's house and question him if the series was fake. Michael denies it being fake, which led to Jesse to go through great lengths by sneaking around Michael's home as well as confronting Angry Grandpa himself as well as sneaking into Grandpa's house with a drone. Tensions were highly raised throughout the series to where Michael and Jesse fought in the house as well as Jesse's father, Jeffrey to be involved by destroying Charlie's spare room (With Grandpa's help). Jesse then continued the series later with Boogie2988 in an effort to get confirmation to see if Grandpa was fake. This led to Boogie and Michael tricking Jesse into thinking Boogie was an obsessed fan of Jesse to where Jesse fled the residence. Jesse would later return to Summerville causing havoc with the Green family. However, the two families would finally come to terms with each other as well as pay for any damages that were caused with the destruction.

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