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Charles Marvin "Charlie" Green III (born December 2, 1982) is the oldest of Angry Grandpa's children, the others being Michael, Kimberly and Jennifer.


He's mentioned in the first episode (Angry Grandpa ruins Christmas for kids) as Grandpa says "Charlie ain't sending nothing. [sic]". He also appears in My Brother, where he gets a dog from Michael and Bridgette. He has been seen much more frequently in Angry Grandpa's videos since 2015. He used to live with Grandpa. He was involved in The Kitchen Meltdown and a cooking video of Trailer Park BBQ Sauce. As of the moment, Charlie is operating his own YouTube channel called Charlie Chill, where he uploads vlogs and gameplay.


  • Had a bad relationship with Angry Grandpa for many years during which they didn't speak or when they did it was nasty and hateful. However when Grandpa went to visit his mother's grave in 2012, Charlie went with him to show his respect and they put their differences aside. Grandpa claims they now talk over the phone and Facebook each other and are trying to patch up their relationship.
  • Shares a gene with his brother, Grandpa, and Charles Sr. that causes him to have grey hair.
  • Seems to try to ignore and stay out of most of his father's fits of rage unlike his brother Michael, who screams and yells at his father.
    • This is shown when Angry Grandpa has had enough of his family insulting his overcooked burgers and finally throws the grill, prompting Charles to simply just exit the scene.
    • This is also shown when his father had a meltdown in the kitchen, smashing numerous plates, when he could not find the vanilla for his sweet potato pie. His brother Michael began screaming and yelling at his father, eventually asking Charles for help, where he was calmly standing in the dining room and obviously was trying to stay out of it as stated.
    • Another event was when Charles calmly remained seated at the dining table, while his father angrily threw numerous food into the kitchen trash can - especially his dinner - over Michael, who showed up uninvited to Sunday dinner.
      Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 3.31.13 PM

      Charlie's mugshot during his August arrest

  • Appeared in the video where both him and his brother Michael give Angry Grandpa a condom for Fathers Day, angering him.
  • Appeared in another video where his brother Michael hands Angry Grandpa what seemed like a normal Christmas present (which was actually a Christmas wrapped box filled with fireworks with the fuse sticking out at the end) while Angry Grandpa is in his van, lighting the fuse after giving it to him setting the fireworks off and prompting Angry Grandpa to frantically jump out of his van.
  • Charles has returned in the video "CHRISTMAS PARTY 2014".
  • Was arrested twice, once in 2014 for possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a "hit and run" accident. Then, August 31st, 2016 for child support violations. As of late November 2016, he is no longer an inmate.
  • He was pranked on April Fools at a restaurant by Michael and Angry Grandpa that involved Angry Grandpa's dentures being put into his drink, while he was out of sight.
  • Has accidentally burned a hole in a frying pot after forgetting to turn the burner off, as shown at the beginning of "Angry Grandpa Tries the Angriest Whopper!"
  • It is assumed that he is living with Angry Grandpa for a little while.
  • Charlie is very artistic, superior at poetry and drawing as depicted in 'HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!'.
  • When he got out of prison, a few days later, they (Michael Green, Charlie Green, and Bridgette West) Pranked Angry Grandpa (Charles Green) that he escaped from prison. (
  • He currently lives with Angry Grandpa, and is often seen helping his dad around the house.
  • Charlie used to have a PS4, but it was broken when Tina picked up the TV and the PS4 tumbled, but it was repaired and it still works.
  • When His Dad kick him out on his house in THE 100 LAYERS CHALLENGE PRANK!! , and he may living to his old house is unknown, Who bring him back to his house.
  • Comparing with Ray Winstone SEXY BEAST, Charlie has faster gagging reflexes. It just so happened that in Tin Can Challenge Prank, when Charlie vomits profusely after smelling a fish he didn't know which.
  • In June, 2017 Charlie moved out of Grandpa's house and moved into Michael and Bridgette's pool house.

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