Charlie's final appearance on the vlog.

On 29 June 2017, while drunk and high on LSD and Alcohol, Charlie Green destroyed the pool house of his brother, Michael, and later punched Michael's girlfriend, Bridgette, twice in the face.


Charlie was estranged from his family for a number of years. In 2016, he began to mend his relationship with his family, and moved in with his father, Angry Grandpa. In the past he had suffered from drug and alcohol problems, including a 2014 arrest for marijuana possession and a hit-and-run, but claimed he was a new person now. In June 2017 on Michael's Birthday, it was discovered by Michael and Grandpa that Charlie had given alcohol and weed to his 9 year old nephew, Jacob. As a result, Charlie was kicked out, but moved into Michael and Bridgette's pool house.

Whilst living with Grandpa, Charlie started a YouTube Channel, "Charlie Chill." Once it reached 100,000 subscribers in June 2017, the power reportedly went to his head, and he began comparing himself to Kurt Cobain and saying that he has his subscribers eating out of the palm of his hand.

The Incident

On 29 June 2017, Charlie posted several pornographic videos on his YouTube channel and posted several bizarre Facebook updates within a few hours. While many people assumed that his social media had been hacked, Michael received a call from a friend who was with Charlie at the pool house, claiming he was walking around naked and acting bizarre. Michael then returned home to find the pool house destroyed and Charlie drunk and high on LSD, running around the yard naked. When Michael approached him, Charlie began screaming in his face and threatening to attack him. Michael and Bridgette ran into their house and called Jennifer, who called the police. When the police arrived, Charlie, in his intoxicated state, believed them to be popular youtuber Hagyrants, with whom he was feuding with at the time. According to Michael, Charlie then began shouting "I know you're Hagyrants! I know it's you Hagy!". Charlie was then hospitalized for a severe finger injury and a brief mental evaluation. Michael hoped he would return sober so they could discuss what had happened

Later that day, Charlie left the hospital and returned to Michael and Bridgette's house supposedly still high and drunk. He found Bridgette in the pool house with Doug, and assaulted her - punching her twice in the face. Michael saw this from the house, and ran to beat Charlie up. Charlie, however, threatened Michael with a shard of broken glass, and so Michael returned to the house with Bridgette to call the police. Charlie began screaming accusations and lies into Bridgette's phone - believing she was recording - such as Michael had sex with Bella, Bridgette had sex with her cousin and was a lesbian, and Angry Grandpa was molesting his grandsons.

Charlie tried to tell the police that Michael had destroyed the pool house, but they were the same police who had witnessed Charlie do it earlier. Charlie was arrested and is currently in jail awaiting bail. Michael has said that he will not be bailing Charlie, but is instead "pressing any charges he can."


Michael has stated that Charlie will never be in another video again on his or angry grandpa's vlog channels, and that he is going to be officially cut out of his life for good. Michael also clearly states that he does not wish to see or talk to, or mention Charlie ever again and that Charlie will be banned from all family events and gatherings for life as well as setting foot on Michael's lawn of the house as well as he father's house (Angry Grandpa). As a result of his accusations, Angry Grandpa will eventually be investigated for the claims of child abuse.

Due to rumors on twitter its said that Charlie will officially be disowned and dead to the "Green" family name. however, Michael confirms that he and his family are not going to talk about Charlie until further notice, but Angry Grandpa states his facts on lives stream. Michael clearly states that he and Charlie are no longer brothers and will pretend that he doesn't exist after the court date by having nothing to do with him. Michael states that he will forever hate Charlie passionately and will never forgive him and that he will call the police if he's ever spotted in his eyesight again.

Charlie has currently lost almost 20,000 subscribers, but this number is increasing rapidly.

At about 6:00 P.M. EST on June 30th 2017 Charlie has posted an apology video on his Youtube Channel apologizing to 'everyone' and stated that he deserved this. Meaning he screwed up and now must live with the consequences of being officially disowned by his family and dead to the Green family name.

His apology video has received more negative vibes on the thumbs down than receiving positive vibes plus negative feedback and death threats to his vlog as his fans assume he doesn't believe his own excuses and is lying his apology to everyone including his family which makes it more impossible for everyone to believe him. As of now Charlie's subscribers on YouTube continues, to decrease rapidly.

He also lied on his video and stated that he didn't hit Bridgette at all but the black eye on her face is clearly noticeable which proves that Charlie lied about the fact of not hitting her.

Angry Grandpa stats on his live stream that he was scared of him. He also stated Charlie tries again to stay at his house but Angry Grandpa rejected that offer so his daughter Jennifer, Doug West and Charlie's former friend Chris (known as Twistedchris) sent him up North to North Charleston to live there until his court date approaches. His friends have forsaken him due the the threats he said unto them. Angry Grandpa is yet still worried about Charlie while Michael continues work on moving forward in life by claiming that he has no brother.

Since Charlie's incident with the family, there have been vlogs posted on YouTube constantly about Charlie by most popular and unpopular YouTubers who stated their own beliefs of Charlie showing his true horrible colors. Some vloggers have also brought up his past history and what bad he has done for the family showing how much of a disgrace he is to his fans and the family. The Vloggers who lost all respect have also gave him negative feedback on his fake apology vlog he posted.

On July 1st 2017, Kim Pratt posted on Facebook that when she was a child, one of Charlie's friends Mike Luallen attempted to rape her as Charlie held her down but it failed when it "wouldn't fit" according to Kim's post. Kim stated that she thought she was in the wrong as a child but later discovered the truth as an adult. Kim also stated she felt wrong for not saying anything sooner. Michael and Bridgette were both shocked by the post as indicated by tweets by both of their accounts. Michael immediately sympathized with his sister, utterly disgusted by his brother. Bridgette also sympathized, appearing shocked by the post as well. Michael stated that Angry Grandpa broke down upon reading Kim's post. Charlie indirectly admitted to it in the comments by indirectly implying that she wanted it.

As of July 1st, it's been officially stated by Michael and Angry Grandpa (on Michael's Vlog) that Charlie is officially disowned and is permanently dead to the Green family name and that no one in the family wants anything to do with him ever again due to his crimes and sins towards the family.

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