Charlie Chill was a YouTube channel created by Charle Green.


Charlie Chill was a YouTube channel created by Charlie Green. This channel is used for Charlie's videos, involving his vlogs as well as Grand Theft Auto V gaming videos.

This channel did manage to reach 100,000 subscribers, though since the LSD Incident on June 29th, 2017 and the past history of terrorizing the family being dead from the family name, his subscribers decreased from his channel thus making his channel unsuccessful.

Trouble with YouTube

Ever since the LSD Incident, Charlie's YouTube channel was under threat by Isaac Guest. According to Isaac, he hacked into Charlie Chill and uploaded explicit videos which caused Charlie to get his first strike on YouTube. Despite appealing for removing the strike, it still stood, thus he could no longer live stream on his channel.

Another incident happens where Charlie uploads a one minute video of him attacking Isaac and his family, calling them out. Charlie tells Isaac he has full permission to come to his house so he can beat him up and then rape his wife and children. While this video was removed minutes later, multiple channels have downloaded the video and saved it for others to view. This was the cause of his second strike, and he was banned from YouTube for 30 days.


On October 30th, 2017, Charlie Chill has been terminated by YouTube after receiving it's third and final strike due to another incident of uploading explicit videos. Ironically this happened on Isaac's birthday. The same day, Charlie started a new channel called "Charlie Travelz".

Charlie Travelz

Charlie Travelz was a YouTube channel created by Charlie Green after Charlie Chill was terminated. This was the last semi-successful channel Charlie had.


Charlie Travelz started off poorly, with Charlie showing no empathy for Angry Grandpa while he was in the hospital which offended Michael deeply.

Charlie would make accusations against Micheal and Michael would take to Twitter and YouTube to debunk the rumors Charlie was stating.

Once Charlie moved in with his friend Jay, that's when things started to change.

Slight uphill

When Angry Grandpa passed away, Charlie took a plane to South Carolina to attend the memorial of Angry Grandpa.

Michael welcomed him there and they seemed to have patched up any beef that was going on, Charlie would appear in a few of Michael's videos, and vice-versa.

Isaac, a long time enemy of Charlie, noticing a change in Charlie decided to donate $20 to Charlie in stream, Charlie had "I love Isaac" written on his forehead as a thank you, and the two were on better terms.


Charlie Travelz was terminated on February 22nd, 2018.

The Outsiders

The Outsiders is Charlie Greens current Youtube channel. It is run by his girlfriend.