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Charles Marvin Green Jr., also known as Angry Grandpa, shortened to AGP (born October 16, 1950), is the titular premise and one of the two main subjects of the Angry Grandpa series of videos. He is believed to have a bipolar disorder, which causes him to throw fits of rage and destroy appliances and furniture, often blaming his son, Michael, for his destructive behavior, claiming he angered him.

Life in TheAngryGrandpaShow

Charles was born in Charleston, South Carolina and raised in the neighborhood of Sherwood Forest. His mother was Dorothy M. Green (March 18, 1926 – December 25, 1999), who had died of a heart attack on Christmas morning. His father Charles M. Green Sr. (January 25, 1925 – July 6, 1987) was a sergeant in the US army in World War II. Green is from Irish, Welsh and Samoan ancestry.

The show originally began in 2007, with a video that takes place on Christmas Day in 2007, where Angry Grandpa is upset that his family didn't wait for him to come over to open presents. The video can still be found on, where his son Michael uploaded it originally.

Tina and Charles divorced on January 6, 2012, due to him talking to a female fan on Skype. He has also gotten mad at Ray William Johnson for calling him Santa Claus and fake. He is banned at all the Walmarts, McDonalds, local pizza places, and a gas station in his area by thinking he got the winning lottery ticket, when it was one of Michael's pranks.


Angry Grandpa has been known for throwing temper tantrums, which are triggered by Michael's girlfriend Bridgette eating his candy, Michael pranking him, his ex-wife Tina feeding the cats under the trailer and anything that doesn't smell or function properly. He is passionate about his candy, and will destroy thousands of dollars worth of appliances to make sure that his candy makes it to his stomach. He is also known to blame Pickleboy for his outrages, mostly because he causes them, for example, in Angry Grandpa: Say Cheese, Angry Grandpa asks Michael, "Why'd you throw it on the fucking' floor?" one minute after Grandpa threw the aforementioned food on the ground in rage.

He appears to be extremely gullible, believing everything that Michael tells him and believes anything that he reads on the internet. He claims that "if it's on the computer, it's true".

Despite being aggressive, he sometimes has a slight remorse after destroying objects. After he ripped up a wall in his house, he said "What have I done?" and "How can I be so stupid?". He said similar things after he destroyed his dentures.


Angry Grandpa has always had a fluctuating health throughout his later years in life. It began when he started smoking at the age of 6 and continued to this day. He is not as extreme with smoking as much as he used to. Long ago, he would ask Tina for a carton a day, but he has cut down significantly since. He was previously in a wheelchair due to his weight problem back in the day, however, he lost majority of the weight and was able to move around again without the need of the wheelchair.

In 2006, he was admitted to the hospital to remove a massive hernia on his stomach. While he was under the knife, he died on the operating table. Luckily he was revived and was under the ICU for about 4 weeks in a coma. Family members were ready to plan the funeral arrangements as the doctors thought he was not going to make it due to his heart and lungs not recovering properly. His daughter Kimberly came down to the hospital and begged him to wake up, which he did at that moment.

On February 10, 2017 it was announced Grandpa had developed cancer from a spot on his back. It has spread around his spinal cord and he underwent surgery for his cancer on March 8, 2017.

On the 25th of February, Charles notified his fans that he has pneumonia. He managed to successfully get rid of the illness.

On the vlog GRANDPA QUIT SMOKING!! he announces he will cut down on smoking due to his skin cancer.

On July 4th, 2017, Grandpa went to the hospital because he didn't feel well. In a later vlog, Micheal went to visit Grandpa and he told him they removed 9L or 22 pounds of liquid. 2 days later on Kimberly's birthday, Michael announced on his vlog IT KEEPS GETTING WORSE that AGP has been diagnosed with cirrhosis which is the scarring of the liver due to his alcoholism in the past.


  • Angry Grandpa started smoking at 6 years old.
  • When Angry Grandpa was caught by his parents smoking, he was forced to smoke an entire carton of cigarettes. He claimed he enjoyed it, which made him "happy as hell".
  • In the Year-End-Review Video from 2010, he said he was taking Chantix and still smokes.
  • It is believed that Angry Grandpa has a hole in his throat caused by long-term smoking, though unconfirmed.
  • His niece passed away from lung cancer on 29th July 2013.
  • His sister was also a smoker, and passed away on 27th December 2012 from COPD.
  • His favorite cigarettes were Silver Eagles, though now he rolls his own cigarettes since it's a lot less money.
  • Bridgette and Michael once pranked Angry Grandpa by putting a pack of his Silver Eagle cigarettes in a bowl of yellow "Great Value" Jello.
  • As of February 2014, Grandpa has said that he is giving up smoking and switching to the e-cigs.
  • Recently, it is indicated that he gave up trying to quit as he was angrily looking for money for cigarettes breaking an Xbox 360 and tearing up his furniture in the process. [LINK] 
  • He is still seen today in mostly everyone of the videos he has appeared in smoking.
  • In Feb. 2017, Grandpa revealed to Michael the heart breaking news that he was diagnosed with cancer, as seen here About 2 weeks later, he told Michael that he had Pneumonia, as seen here


According to an episode of the podcast STFU and Listen, Grandpa suggested that Tina was crazy and jealous of his mother and stole his car for days. He accused her of being bi-polar and burned down the trailer. After his mother's death, Tina either destroyed the items his mom left him or ended up missing. After many failed petty thefts, they returned to Charleston. She laid around and did nothing even when Michael or Grandpa were hurt. She even started getting jealous of the fans accusing Grandpa of cheating on female fans. Over the months, her sanity fell, and even called DSS on Grandpa, causing him to go to anger management and improvement parenting school. She even took the kids' social security cards and birth certificates and destroyed them. Angry Grandpa tried to relieve the situation, but Tina refused and wanted to be in New York. She took a set of keys and desecrated his car. DSS officially made it clear to not let Tina see the kids. At the court house, the judge disagreed about giving custody to Grandpa since he knew he was Angry Grandpa. Under investigation, they spent 9 hours watching every single video. After a talk with the judge, he agreed to give custody as long as Tina isn't around the kids, unsupervised. After he told Tina the condition, she defamed him to her family. She even made flyers of him with his number saying he's looking for women to sleep with. After this issue, he told her that the divorce is final. After the courts, he said she can see the boys if she behaves, but instead, she defames the grandchildren to him. Grandpa and Michael's both spent money to get her a car and make sure she had a place to stay, and she continued to ungratefully use the money on things she didn't need and even took out a loan in Grandpa's name. Michael claims he spend over a thousand dollars a month to pay her utilities and make sure she kept a roof over her head because none of her relatives would let her stay with them. After she moved in with her boyfriend, he left her, and she thought the family hired him to date her for a month and leave her. Her new boyfriend now is a junkie and she's become interested in the drugs, causing Grandpa to keep the kids away from her. Near Christmas of 2012, Jennifer's boyfriend wants the kids to be his, making Grandpa very uncomfortable. Due to Jennifer's improvement of working, he agreed. Two hours later, Jennifer calls Grandpa about Tina not coming to pick her up and having the boys with her drugged boyfriend. He drove there himself and took the boys away from her and vowed to never have them see her again. Tina and her relatives still continue to defame the Green family. Angry Grandpa still stands to this day to say he is the good guy, and if any fans disagree, he denounces them as fans. He says none of his grandchildren have a relationship with Tina and she herself wants nothing to do with them. He also says he hopes she straightens out and will one day improve her relationship with her grandchildren.


Michael Green

Grandpa has a 50/50 relationship status with Michael. Michael claimed that when he was younger, the two had a very good relationship. When Michael started pranking him, the two's relationship took a turn. However, they have worked together in pranks on Bridgette on occasion. Ever since Grandpa's tattoo freak out, he started getting disdain for Michael, though they seemed to have worked things out.

Bridgette West

Grandpa seems to get along with Bridgette most of the time. Even though they have a strained relationship, they have worked together to prank Michael on several occassions. Sometimes, Bridgette would ruin one of Michael's pranks before it would happen, by informing him without Michael knowing. An example of this is in GRANDPA'S BODYGUARD (PRANK) where she called Grandpa outside of Michael's house and told him that Michael was going to prank him, To which Grandpa said he'll deal with Michael first.

Tina Green

Grandpa despises his ex-wife Tina with a passion. He claims that since all the years they were married, all they did was fight, and that she's the one who starts everything. He has hated her for her obsession with Elvis, constantly feeding his food to the cats around his old trailer, and defaming his family. However, they have worked things out since they divorced and when Tina moved away to New York, Grandpa was happy as fuck to see her go.

Tina Dandridge

Grandpa had a hatred for his old neighbor Tina, before they became friends. She has been involved in several of Michael's pranks, including the nurse prank, the roommate prank (where she tricked him into thinking that his house was hers until the end of the month), and the prank where Michael made Grandpa think he killed Tina. Tina and Grandpa used to be good friends and her son and his grandchildren would play together. However, in Mid March 2017, Tina began to make accusations against the entire cast of the Angry Grandpa show including Grandpa on her own YouTube channel and podcasts. While Michael has responded that the accusations were false, and clearly was upset, it is unknown how Grandpa feels about the entire situation, but it can be assumed that his respect for Tina was completely diminished upon hearing the news.

Charlie Green

Grandpa used to have an ok relationship with his oldest son, until the LSD Incident. Charlie lived with Grandpa for quite sometime. What made Grandpa mad is when he kept playing on the PS4 alot. As of right now, he is disowned by Grandpa and the rest of the family ever since these events: did acid with his friend, he gave his nephews beer and drugs, said that Grandpa was a Child Molester, attacked Bridgette West and tried to help his friend rape his Sister Kim Pratt.


  • He seems to be hypocritical at times and oblivious to his own mistakes by blaming others
  • He has claimed of being buff and ripped.
  • He has a notorious (and even violent) sweet tooth. The most notable example of his sweet tooth becoming violent is ANGRY GRANDPA DESTROYS KITCHEN!.
  • He often verbally abuses his family, even for small reasons like misplacing his candy or going somewhere without telling him.
  • He gets very angry when fans ask if he has an anger problem.
  • His catchphrase is "Ow, goddamn!" when he gets hurt.
  • Angry Grandpa died once after a surgery; but was revived.
  • He will sometimes cry when overwhelmed, or forced to do something he doesn't want to do.
  • He has an abnormal gene that is the cause of his gray hair. This was also passed down to his sons.
  • He tries to come off as a ladies man when talking to attractive female fans over the internet and in person.
  • His Anger is and was often triggered by his son Michael's pranks, Bridgette taking his candy and eating his food, his ex-wife Tina feeding the cats under their old trailer as well as his daughter Jennifer not having a job.
  • He very blames other people for the things he breaks, and sometimes demands money from them to replace whatever was destroyed.
  • Angry Grandpa was named after his father Charles M. Green Sr.
  • His middle name Is Marvin, which was also his father's.
  • He mentioned about that his father got into a terrible accident and was paralyzed from the neck down and later died from his injuries.
  • His ex-wife Tina once kicked him in the nuts. LINK
  • Angry Grandpa stated that between Thanksgiving or Christmas is when something bad always happened to him here are the reasons why:
  1. His mother died on Christmas morning.
  2. His father got into an accident and was paralyzed from the neck down 3 days before Thanksgiving and 4 weeks before Christmas. He later died from his injuries.
  3. His sister died two days after Christmas.
  • He sometimes acknowledges his ignorance or expresses regret when he breaks something for no reason, such as when he broke his dentures when they didn't fit instead of taking them back and refitting them. After destroying the $400 pair of dentures he pondered, "Why do I do stupid shit?"
  • He also served in 1968-75 with the US Army during the Vietnam war.
  • People have often claimed his channel is fake but he constantly rebuttals them, saying he is real and often gives sarcastic and angry responses to such allegations. One infamous incident took place in June of 2011 when the video of Grandpa flipping out over pecan pinwheels made its way onto a video of Ray William Johnson, one of the top YouTubers on the site. Johnson admitted it was funny but thought it was fake or at least he hoped it was when he saw how Grandpa treated Tina. When Grandpa saw Johnson's video he became enraged and shouted insults at him in a video called "Angry Grandpa Responds to RayWilliamJohnson."
  • He hates several notable things:
    • 1: Hulk Hogan.
    • 2: Elvis Presley.
    • 3: Hates Max and Ruby.
    • 4: Hates Dora the Explorer.
    • 5: Ray Winstone
    • 6: Hates Spongebob Squarepants.
    • 7: Hates many celebrities and youtubers, including Barack Obama, Dr. Drew, Chris Matthews, 2Pac, and Boogie2988.
    • 8: He Hates so much his ex-wife, Tina, Because she is fan of many celebrities like; Elvis Presley, George Clooney, Mel Gibson, and Ray Winstone
  • He almost always refers to his fans as his "Young'ins."
  • He was a former retired firefighter.
  • He is very similar to Jeffrey Ridgway Sr A.K.A. Psycho Dad and John Clesse.
    • They both destroy their son's possessions and abuse both their sons in a multitude of ways. Their abuse of their progeny have led to mass conflict between them and often get very dangerous.
    • He is similar to John Cleese because of many things like, Angry Grandpa pops a cyst in his stomach and Angry Grandpa destroying his lawnmover due because he is speaking of a african language called Umbundu.
  • Angry Grandpa, Stephen Quire (Freak Out Kid), Francis (boogie2988), Psycho Dad, and the rest of the Ridgway family are all famous youtubers due to their anger, their swearing and their destruction of their things.
  • His videos over the years have appeared on several TV Shows. Including TruTv's Most Shocking, British show Rude tube, MTV's Pranked and Ridiculousness, and Dr. Drew's show on CNN.
  • He was not aware of Michael posting videos of him on the internet until early 2008 when he was told that a video of him had been posted on which caused Grandpa to throw hot coffee onto Michael. The video here:
  • He has gotten himself banned from several stores and restaurants including Wal-Mart, Target, Papa Johns, Cici's Pizza, as well as the Sunoco Gas Station near his old trailer.
    • He got banned from the Sunoco gas station after Michael and Bridgette gave him fake lottery tickets that he thought actually were real. He excitedly drove to the gas station to cash them only for the people there to laugh at him and call him stupid. Embarrassed, he said he cussed them out and they told him to leave and never come back.
  • His fans often send him gifts through the mail, which have included his notorious annihilator super hammer, Australian Vegemite, iPods, clothing, money, and boxes of candy. In a recent video on his GrandpasCorner channel he received several boxes of gifts from his fans for his 63rd birthday. It included candy, coffee mugs, t-shirts, a hat, a Hulk Hogan wig and several creative cards. He was also touched by a army medal sent to him by an air force member who watches his video in thanks for Grandpa's efforts to re-open several popular fast food chains in Iraq on the troops' bases so they'd feel less stressed out and more at home. He was deeply touched by his fans birthday gifts and wishes an teared up at the end of the video. He also started a series on his Grandpascorner channel called Mailbag Monday where he opens letters and recieves gifts and money from his fans, though it's usually small change and a few dollars though it adds up to a rather large sum. However he stated his fans don't need to send him money and gifts but he deeply appreciates it.
  • Despite their brash and often confrontational relationship on camera, he and Michael claim they have a good father-son relationship off camera.
  • He oftenly will crap his pants on camera and release his bowls.
  • He has occasionally sustained injury during his fits of rage.
    • 1: On one instance, after angrily hacking up a pumpkin that Michael brought him, he picked up part of what was left of the pumpkin and kneed it, hurting his knee in the process. Later in the same video, he accidentally cut his hand while angrily stabbing the second pumpkin that Michael brought him, causing his hand to bleed significantly. This video led to YouTube editing because of this.
    • 2: He has pulled his arm while trying to flip his granite table
    • 3: He has thrown a phone on the floor, causing it to bounce back and hit his head
    • 4: He hurt his toe / foot during the food stamp blowout from a can of spinach.
    • 5: He has heard of British actor Ray Winstone saying him that he is a Dickweed Maputo, due to his rage on Pecan Pinwheels
  • His dream is to one day open his own restaurant.
  • Charles Green Jr. Was once friends with serial killer Donald Henry "Pee Wee" Gaskins in the early 1970s. Grandpa says he was never aware that he was a murderer but said they once got into a drunken fight in which grandpa slammed his head onto the counter and Gaskins told him if it weren't for the fact they were friends "You'd be in my graveyard tomorrow." When Gaskins was caught Grandpa was stunned and said Pee Wee later wrote a letter to him from prison saying he missed him but grandpa immediately told him not to write him again. Grandpa says this experience sobered him up for a long time as he could have been one of Gaskin's victims because of his drinking. He also said many years after the prison Pee Wee was held in closed down and was going to be torn down but they offered tours before it was destroyed. Grandpa took his kids to see his cell, and on the wall was a drawing of a pentagram with Grandpa's name written in the center of it.
  • He lived in a thirty year old trailer in Trailwood Trailer Park in South Carolina for a long time and was home to where the majority his videos took place up until mid 2012 when Boeing purchased the park to turn it into a highway and ultimately forced the residents to vacate the area. This lead to Grandpa rallying his fans in an attempt to stop the purchase and save hundreds of residents from relocating or becoming homeless, but unfortunately it was to no avail except giving them time and the lot was ultimately sold and Grandpa and everyone else was forced to move out. This experience caused grandpa to have an increased hatred for large corporations for being able to push poor people around as well as for governor Nikki Hailey for doing nothing to help the residents or trying to stand up for them.
  • He has often been labeled white trash and fulfilling poor redneck stereotypes by critics on the web but he repeatedly defends his lifestyle claiming a home is a home and people should love what they have no matter how run down it may seem to other people.
  • He has a deep hatred for everything his ex-wife Tina loves, which includes Elvis Presley, cats, and Christmas.
  • He was married to Tina for thirty years, in what can be described a very unhappy marriage as Grandpa would often cuss her out and disrespect her, and destroy her Elvis memorabilia in videos.
  • He stated in one of his videos talking to his late sister Charlene that he only married Tina because she was pregnant and wanted to do the right thing.
  • He and Tina divorced in 2012 due to several reasons, including him talking to female fans on Skype, as well as his constant never-ending verbal abuse and disrespect towards her over thirty years. He now claims he is happier than he has ever been before now that Tina is out of his life.
  • He has had a cluster of medical problems over the years but can't afford a doctor so he has been seen doing medical procedures on himself, including pulling his crusted toenails off on three separate occasions, which resulted in his painful screaming and bleeding profusely. He also had a cyst on his stomach in 2010 that caused him severe pain until he finally decided to cut it out himself with a knife. It did work, but only after several painful and gross minutes of pus and blood being squeezed out of the wound. The video can be seen here:
  • He has his own personal channel called Grandpa's Corner.
  • where he gives his own personal take on current events, stories from his past, post video events, and advice to his followers.
  • He moved into a newer, more well maintained trailer in July of 2012 after Boeing forced him out of his old trailer. He said he barely was able to find a new home before the park offered him a lease on the current trailer he lives in now. His four grandsons live with him currently.
  • Notoriously has an intense hatred for Casey Anthony, and made a video called "Angry Grandpa HATES Casey Anthony (Not Guilty!?)" in which he was infuriated at the not guilty verdicts in the trial. The video appeared on Dr. Drew's show on CNN in which Drew told Grandpa to calm down, and seemed worried that Grandpa would carry out some form of vigilante justice. Drew also tweeted about grandpa's reaction, he said Angry Grandpa scared him. This caused Grandpa to laugh and criticize Drew back for worrying more about him than about Casey Anthony. The video, "Angry Grandpa VS. Dr.Drew"
  • His political views are strictly polarized. He has never endorsed any one political party and has both criticized and endorsed various politicians. He supported Obama during the last election but has since gone on to criticize his actions, called out Fox news for condemning Obama's actions during hurricane Sandy when Bush did the same during Katrina. He also voted for current South Carolina governor Nikki Haley in the 2010 gubernatorial election, but went on to heavily criticize her in several videos in 2012 for allowing Boeing to purchase his old trailer park's lot and forcing the residents to move out while she did nothing to offer help to those relocating, and promised to do everything he can in the next election to cost her another term. He also has stated he hated unions but also criticizes big corporations, in particular Boeing and Wal-Mart, for mistreating their employees and not caring about the little people who struggle to make a living.
  • In a Q&A video he said he supports legalizing marijuana, saying something that grows in the ground and is natural should be legal.
  • In an interview with the Charleston City Paper his son Michael said TruTv once approached him with an offer to do a reality show on their network but Michael declined because most of their shows are scripted and fake and said Grandpa is not a good actor and it wouldn't be worth the effort.
  • He hates Christmas because his mother passed away on the holiday morning seventeen years ago, which is why he always appears especially angry around the Christmas season.
  • The Angry Grandpa channel has been in a decline in uploads and content since the beginning of 2012. The reason is grandpa and Tina divorced in early 2012 and she was one of the primary causes of his outbursts and fits of rage throughout the series, which lead to Grandpa being less angry. And Michael, the cameraman, moved into his own apartment with Bridgette in February 2012 which meant another primary cause of Grandpa's rages would no longer be around as much to provoke him. And while Grandpa presumably still has outbursts with Michael gone, he simply isn't around to record them as often as he did when he still lived with him. While the channel has continued to have an increase in subscribers and strong viewership for videos, they aren't as frequently uploaded as they used to be.
  • Despite his angry and brash persona on camera, people who meet him claim he is very charming, polite and funny.
  • He says he credits his YouTube channel for turning his life around and getting on the right path. He said in the past he had problems with drinking and was disrespectful to his family and friends. He says the videos have gotten him a lot of fans and new friends online and he credits it for giving him a purpose to give others joy in watching the pranks pulled on him, and says many people have written him saying how much he reminds them of a loved one who passed away and he brings back fond memories of them with his videos.AND NOW THE MUTHAFUKIN SHIZ GAWN
  • After his channel reached 200,000 subscribers, he suffered a humiliation titled "Grandpa's Walmart Humiliation" in which he went to the Wal-Mart he is banned from and stood around out front with two signs that said "I Love Obama" and "Elvis is Sexy". He walked around for over an hour while people looked at him, laughed and took pictures of him while he frustratedly slumbered around. The video here:
  • Despite him saying "God Damn" and "Jesus Christ" frequently, he says he believes in Jesus but chooses not to go to church. He is what is called a non-denominational Christian. He doesn't attend church because he feels they don't really care about helping people and their only goals are to make money and to proselytize, and has encouraged his fans not to give money to churches and use it to instead directly help people on their own accord.
  • Angry Grandpa once revealed on the Robert Boner Radio Show that when he reaches 300,000 subscribers, he is going to Graceland in an Elvis outfit and singing Elvis's Greatest Hits. This information wasn't supposed to be known for another 2 months.
  • Angry Grandpa made a video of himself going into Michael's apartment and cooking in his kitchen. Immediately fans wrote comments saying that Michael films in Angry Grandpa's house but when it comes to Michael he flips out and threatens to call the cops. In the end, Michael is a hypocrite. Watch the video of Angry Grandpa in Michael's apartment right here: [1]
  • Grandpa has apparently experienced paranormal activities in his younger days .
    • When Grandpa was just a kid he claims that a ghost had came to his grandfather's funeral wearing a nice blue suit, when he explains to his grandmother about the stranger, she then reveals to him that the man name is Mr. Jones who died 10 years ago and was buried in that blue suit.
    • Grandpa went and visited Alice's grave with his friends many years ago, according to the legend if you touch her grave while wearing a ring the ring vanishes.He acclaims that when he touch her grave his ring suddenly disappears.
    • Angry Grandpa claims to have seen the Summerville Light in person when he was younger. Click here to see the story ---> [2]
  • Angry Grandpa was taking 7 medications twice a day, as revealed in the Year-End-Review Video from 2010.
  • He is a hater of does Obama
  • Michael likes to prefer him as Pop
  • He is always alone on Valentine's Day, a source of anger and frustration over the fact that he seems to believe the holiday is for lovers only and sexual intercourse.
  • He recently made a bet with Michael that if either one didn't pull a prank that either one of them had to dress up like a girl. Michael lost the bet by grandpa hiding his PS4.
  • After getting pranked by Michael, He sometimes fakes a heart attack for revenge.
  • On the videos the Freddy Kruger Prank and Grandpa's Mother's Day Proposal Prank, a lot of fans were confused because Grandpa and Tina (Neighbor) hate each other.
  • He made a long and very emotional and personal vlog on his Grandpascorner channel titled "Getting my life back" where he talked about his past struggles with his weight that caused him to undergo gastric bypass surgery. While the surgery did result in him losing weight it gave him the horrible side effect of the dumping syndrome (a.k.a Gastric dumping syndrome, or rapid gastric emptying) where he was pooping twenty to thirty times a day and caused him horrible pain and struggled with the syndrome for many years until he found a medication that made him go to the bathroom normally and kept the dumping syndrome at bay. He encourages all his fans who are obese to not undergo the surgery, thus experience the adverse, painful side effects and risks and to instead lose the weight traditionally by dieting and exercising.
  • Back when he was Married, He likes to make jokes about is privacy (A.K.A Wennie Roasts) in front of Grandma
  • He had another tattoo he wanted a motorcycle but due to Michael's prank he got a logo saying "my ass stinks" and he is not talking to Michael and claims he wants a divorce from Michael.
  • Despite his anger issues, Angry Grandpa does indeed have a heart. He was extremely angry with Casey Anthony getting the not guilty verdict, was emotional about the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, was slightly sobbing about the Charleston church massacre, and was very pissed about the victims' families forgiving the shooter, Dylann Roof, wanting him to be "someone's prison bitch for life".
  • It is very rare that Grandpa looks different without his glasses on in his age of an adult and an elder.
  • Angry Grandpa was 32 years old when he and Tina had Charles III. Also, Angry Grandpa was 33 years old when he and Tina had Jennifer. Angry Grandpa was 34 when he and Tina had Kim. Last of all, Angry Grandpa was 37 years old when he and Tina had Michael.
  • It is very resembled that Grandpa's middle name Marvin is named after his paternal grandpa's first name.
  • In one of Michael's vlogs, he told the story of how Grandpa's hatred for Elvis originated: Back when he was married to his first wife, she was obsessed with Elvis; spent a majority of their money(mostly their bill money) on anything related to Elvis, including having a picture of Elvis above their bed and think about Elvis whenever she and Grandpa had sex. The same problems escalated when Grandpa married Tina.
  • Angry Grandpa is of English, Irish, Scottish, Samoan Mapua Letui and remote Welsh ancestry, meaning his ancestors came from all over Britain and Hawaii Samoan.
  • In November 2016 AGP met Psycho Kid at his area for this first time. Psycho Kid was in a huge rage with Michael and his family. This started off when McJuggerNuggets took a trip to South Carolina. He met Michael, likewise did a prank at his house for dinner. After that, Psycho Kid never wanted to leave due to his madness of the prank and even told his family about it, upsetting them. Psycho Kid came to Angry Grandpa's house and made him mad and they even got into a fight and then later on Psycho Kid brought his drone into Angry Grandpa's house to scare him and then he broke it and broke it even more later on. And wanted to send it back that way. Later on Psycho Kid got into Michael and Bridgette's shed and stayed in there but then Michael noticed him later on in there and locked him in to investigate and think if jail or free. Bridgette though he was kidnapping them. He wasn't though. They wanted to get out and after arguing together he set them free. They lied and ran into his house and didn't rob but stalked through their stuff such as concept AGP comic on a dry erase board, cuts on videos on a computer, and their flash drive. They found out after they ran out. McJuggerNuggets then came to AGP's house and used a toy gun that looked real from spray and AGP triggered and found out it was a toy. They ran out after it being very frightened. The next day they brought over Psycho Dad and argued and then looked at Michael's non-secretive videos of Charlie's pool house. They went in and investigated and were upset about it because they thought it was guilty secrets they never knew about. Michael came and wondering what is going on in there. He was angry knowing they were stalking the place. Psycho Kid took and threw Michael's camcorder on to the floor and broke it. The Michael and him starting fist fighting and then Psycho Dad yelled. They continued arguing and then suddenly Angry Grandpa slammed the door open with red anger. Wondering what is happening. He obviously never knew he had his house there and was always in jail and had breaks. He was mad at them all because:

• Mad at Michael for not telling him about the home. • Mad at Psycho Kid for coming in there and fighting with Michael • Mad at Pyscho Dad for coming there in the first place on his property

They all had a major fight where Angry Grandpa vs Psycho Dad began finally. Although seemed harsh. First Angry Grandpa threw Charlie's glass lamp at his TV almost and broke it because of the secret Pool House and Psycho dad and kid making his temper too high. They were both at the same time demolishing the tables and glasses on tables and then flipping sofas and destroying Charlie's TV even at the same time and his Gaming devices. Then his Christmas Tree, then his other glass table, then his mirror. Then AGP left very ticked when slammed the door shut. Michael was even more mad at them. He wanted to go home with AGP but he was too mad to let him get in the car with him. Psycho dad left the house and Psycho kid stayed and apologized very much to Michael. He claims that he didn't expect this to occur. Michael was crying as well. Later on Psycho Kid left and Bridgette came and Michael was still very upset. He threw his camcorder after looking at it's damage and did it because Bridgette kept saying the house I worry about never the footage. Then his leavy thing on his table and his canned drink. Charlie came over later that night and was ticked after realizing what happened and said that McJuggerNuggets were all fakes and was destroying his own stuff even more. They all made up together days later and the McJuggerNuggets family went back to New Jersey.

  • Angry Grandpa recently was diagnosed with skin cancer and a pneumatic infection in mid February 2017, he later got surgery in early March 2017 after he found out that he had a weird spot on his back which later crowed into tumor on his back for five years that he didn't know about.


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