Angry Grandpa PISSED About Cantaloupe05:09

Angry Grandpa PISSED About Cantaloupe

Angry Grandpa's ballistic rage over his cantaloupe.

Besides pecan pinwheels and candy, Angry Grandpa loves cantaloupes, and will go ballistic if it has been touched by anyone else or hidden from him. This is shown in "Angry Grandpa PISSED About Cantaloupe" where he calls his ex-wife Tina and she tells him she threw it away because it was turning green, infuriating Angry Grandpa, telling her "You owe me $2.50 bitch!" After he gets of the phone Angry Grandpa goes completely ballistic, causing mayhem in the kitchen that results in the destruction of his laptop and a desktop computer.


  • Even though the cantaloupe cost only $2.50, Angry Grandpa still destroyed over $400 worth of electronics when he was mad about it.
  • The video "Angry Grandpa - Trailer Trash" shows Angry Grandpa digging in the trash for his missing cantaloupe the morning after.
    Angry Grandpa - Trailer Trash03:47

    Angry Grandpa - Trailer Trash

    Angry Grandpa looking in the trash for his missing cantaloupe

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