"Bridgette West hereeeeee"
— Infamous quote from Michael's videos

'Bridgette Nicole West' (born August 25, 1993) is the girlfriend to Michel Green and is the main antagonist in the Angry Grandpa Show.


She appears in almost all of the Angry Grandpa video made from 2010 onward, and she also has her own YouTube Channel, BridgetteWest, however, she rarely uploads videos and when she does upload it is usually just videos of her eating.


Princess video letdown

She is mostly known for letting down her fans when she refused to do her part for a subscriber milestone video back in 2013. When the main channel (TheAngryGrandpaShow) reached 200,000 subscribers, she was told by Grandpa to get a white gown, gloves, and tiara, and to go eat with Grandpa at Olive Garden. She refused to do the princess video and lost a number of subscribers on her YouTube channel as well as the other channels. Michael claims that the reason why she didn't do it is because she was diagnosed with ovarian cysts and had to take medications which gained her weight, causing her to feel embarrassed. Many fans do not buy this reason however and continue to this day to reprimand her for not doing the video. Bridgette also made an excuse that she hasn't found an affordable gown to buy and she doesn't want to buy something cheap as she feels the fans would feel cheated if it weren't as humiliating as possible. However she recently deleted this update video on her channel, and there are rumors that a fan offered her a princess gown for free but she declined. She has yet to go through with the humiliation as of September 2013 when the channel accomplished the feat, but fans have been constantly reminding them about it after Grandpa and Michael both suffered theirs.

Picture incident


The controversial picture

In early August of 2016, Michael addressed an incident that a fan took a picture of him and Bridgette at a Wal-Mart in North Charleston and posted it on their social media to hurt their feelings about their weight gain. They are both aware that they are overweight, and while Bridgette is not affected by the hate, Michael is more offended at the fact that people would say this to a woman. He was afraid that Bridgette would have been socially upset to where she would never go out, and he again explains that she was diagnosed with PCOS, which is cysts forming on her ovaries, and the medication messed with her hormones causing depression, temporary alcoholism and the excessive weight gain. According to Bridgette, she has gained nearly 100 pounds since her diagnosis, and is not affected at all by her haters. However, Michael is actually insecure about her obesity.

2013 arrest


The infamous mugshot of Bridgette.

On December 15, 2016, Michael posted in his vlog that Bridgette was arrested for a Criminal Domestic Violence Misdemeanor nearly 4 years ago. A blackmailer named "Broccoli Ron" told Michael to pay him money or else her mugshot would be posted. Michael said he didn't care and decided to make the vlog due to videos going to be made about youtubers with criminal backgrounds. Michael explains that back in 2013, while they lived in the apartment, their neighbors hated them and called the cops when Grandpa would come by and be very loud. A few days after Michael's Birthday, Michael was making a rap song at 3am to help with depression, and he was getting angrier because he kept messing up. This caused him to scream around the apartment, waking up Bridgette. Bridgette starts to freak out and the two begin to argue. Michael leaves the apartment, followed by Bridgette yelling at him about why he woke her up. Suddenly, a knock was heard, which Michael ignored at first thinking it was just the neighbors, but then he heard "North Charleston, open up!". Michael suddenly panicked that it was the police after a 3 hour long argument. The police asked Michael if Bridgette was assaulting him, which Michael replies no. Bridgette was still angry, denying that she never hit Michael, even though Michael was telling her to calm down due to the fact the police are here. Bridgette started to scream "FUCK THE COPS!" and Michael threw a candle at the fridge, but the cop thought Bridgette did it because when Bella was startled, she clawed Michael's neck, and handcuffs her immediately. Michael tried to convince the cop that it was the dog's nails and not Bridgette's, but the cop didn't believe him. This caused Bridgette to go into a fit of rage while being handcuffed, which convinced the cop that she "did it". Bridgette says she shouldn't have yelled at the cops, but she was pissed at Michael. At 6am, Bridgette is doing the walk of shame, with the neighbors watching. 2 hours later, she was released and the "charges" were dropped due to nothing really happening. Michael strongly didn't want to share the story as he didn't want to make a big story out of something insignificant.


  • HEY!!!
  • What are you doing!?
  • Why are you doing that?!
  • I'm pregnant
  • It's sooo good!
  • NOOOO!!!
  • STOP!!!
  • And today....
  • BridgetteWest HEEEERRRREEEUUH!!!
  • It's Adorable
  • Duuuude!
  • Awwwww!
  • (Throwing Up)
  • Get out!
  • PRANK!!!!!
  • He/She/It's so CUUUUTE!
  • Michael call the cops!
  • I'm gonna call the cops! I swear, I'll call the cops!!
  • You're SO Ungrateful!
  • Michael, let's just go home.
  • Is that a threat?
  • OK!
  • Today is FUCK FRIDAY!
  • I'm filming for evidence.
  • Follow me on everything Bridgette West.
  • Happy fuck friday!
  • HMMM thats good.


  • She is by far the most hated person in the videos for multiple reasons, including her voice, adding the "uh" sound to the end of her words, sometimes antagonistic personality. Fans constantly beg for her to be excluded from the intros to Michael's vlogs.
  • During the summer of 2011, Bridgette and Michael's sister (Jennifer Green) engaged in a physical altercation. This fist fight was hinted by Jennifer on her Facebook page where a fan reportedly messaged her about the event in which Jennifer stated that "she was defending Michael and she was beating my ass so hard that I couldn't hit back." She also stated that she was leaving Charleston and moving back to Columbia. Jennifer later deleted/disabled her Facebook page. Bridgette was asked about this event by the same fan on Twitter, and said that she probably should have made a statement before the information "got out." She deleted those tweets shortly after the conversation. It seems as if most of Angry Grandpa's fans are unaware of this incident due a lack of requests for what actually transpired. It is also unknown what initially started the altercation, though it can be assumed it involved Bridgette telling her to get a job or something along those lines.
    • She had another conflict with Jennifer in FAMILY MELTDOWN[1] after she refused to pay a $350 cable bill, yelling at Angry Grandpa, causing Jennifer to come out in a rage at Bridgette in defense of her dad. She responded by screaming at Jennifer to get a job while calling her a bitch and Michael had to use himself to keep the two from clawing each other. She left immediately after the fight, leaving Michael at his dad's.
  • She is usually nosy since she has been intruding in Michael's conversation which does not involve her. This often annoys fans and even annoys Michael sometimes.
  • A fairly poor singer as shown in a video of her singing Cats, and "Angry Grandpa vs Bridgette's Singing".
  • Once tried to intervene between Angry Grandpa and Michael in "Angry Grandpa vs Pickleboy-The Lock-IN".
  • Earned the nickname "Princess" by Angry Grandpa which he usually calls her half the time because he feels she gets whatever she wants from Michael and he treats her like royalty, and grandpa feels she usually doesn't deserve to be treated like such.
  • When Michael is recording Angry Grandpa, she will sometimes record him with her own camera, but at a different angle.
  • She and Michael are now living in their own house.
  • Sometimes the reason for Angry Grandpa's destructive actions.
  • Her favorite fried food, as stated in one of Pickleboy's videos, is fried CHICKEN.
  • Like Grandpa, she has a love for candy and often tries to steal his sweets and then deliberately misplace them so he cannot find them. This has caused him to go into fits of anger and tantrums in the past.
  • She and Michael once pulled a prank on grandpa by telling him she was pregnant. They had to fake a medical document to get him to believe it because fans had warned him ahead of time they would try to prank him. After he saw the paper he flipped out and bent the dryer door, cursed them both out and began throwing things. During the prank they told him her mother had kicked her out and she would have to live with them, which only sparked his rage even more.
  • Is, even by her own admission, a bitch when she first wakes up in the morning.
  • Bridgette and Michael both revealed that they had sex. (As heard in the video how Bridgette met Michael.) She also gave head to Michael on their second date.
  • Bridgette was only 15 when she went out with Michael, who was 21. They met on Myspace after she saw his profile picture and thought he was cool enough to go out on a date with. Which unbeknownst to Michael. that would be considered pedophila at the time and he could of been registered as a sex offender.
  • Their first date was also the first day she met Angry Grandpa, she said he was rude and the first thing he said of her was, "Who the fuck is this bitch?"
  • Bridgette had an "accident" in which she shit her pants at Wal-Mart in December 2012. She assumed she had the flu.
  • Very scary when mad.
  • It has been alleged by Pickleboy's sister Jennifer that Bridgette has quit school as of May 22, 2013 and is spending all of Pickleboy's money on herself , though given the fact they don't like each other this is skeptical.
  • It is unknown if she has a job of her own.
  • In June 2013, she and Angry Grandpa got all of Michael's wrestling figures and loaded them up in Angry Grandpa's van. She says he needs to grow up.
  • Has to drive Michael around where he needs to go because he doesn't have a license or his own car.
  • She has become increasingly fatter since moving in with Michael, most likely do to the fact neither one exercises and they consume nothing but high fat calorie foods. This has also caused her to only wear sweat pants in videos instead of jeans to try and hide her weight, but it always fails.
  • She wears completely black outfits in most recent videos. (Black T-shirt, black sweatpants).
  • In recent videos that she has appeared in fans have been mercilessly making jokes and insults about her bloated size in the comment sections. Most of the top comments in The Picklebath video have something to say about her weight gain, examples: "Bridgette is Huge!", or "Wow Bridgette got fat real fast being with Pickleboy." She even responded to one person's comment telling her to lose weight before it gets out of hand by saying, "I'll lose weight when I wanna lose weight." This was met by another individual's response to her, "Well that's not gonna happen."
  • When the Angry Grandpa Channel reached over 200,000 subscribers, she is supposed to go to eat at Olive Garden or some other restaurant while wearing a full princess gown, complete with white gloves, heels, and a tiara. She has yet to go through with the humiliation as of June, 2017, when the channel accomplished the feat, but fans have been constantly reminding them about it after Grandpa and Michael both suffered theirs. She just recently made a video addressing this saying she still intends to go through with it but they haven't found an affordable gown to buy and she doesn't want to buy something cheap as she feels the fans would feel cheated if it weren't as humiliating as possible. However she (or they) recently deleted this update video on her channel, and there are rumors that a fan offered her a princess gown for free but they declined. This has led to speculation that they have indeed backed out of her humiliation, especially considering they are able to buy a hundred dollar shower curtain, a new PS3, new toy wrestling figures and lots of unhealthy food to supply their bloated diet.
  • On December 5th 2013 the channel uploaded a video titled "THE PRINCESS VIDEO BLOWOUT" in which they finally addressed why they haven't had Bridgette do her humiliation video. Angry Grandpa angrily berated Michael for her not living up to her promise and was fed up with fans posting on his Facebook wall about the video. Michael claims Bridgette developed an ovarian cyst which was caused her to gain weight over the last several months and she is too ashamed to do the video. Unfortunately, it's the other way around and weight gain can cause ovarian cysts. Angry Grandpa says he will be doing another humiliation video of him trying to seduce his neighbor Tina to settle for Bridgette not going through with her humiliation.
  • Despite her dealing with Michael's childish ways, unhealthy lifestyle, lying, pranks, rude behavior, she still continues to go out with him. Also after fans watching the cleaning the apartment videos, fans kept telling her to dump Michael. She has said in early videos she loves Michael and won't ever leave him. It may be the case that she has really quit school and her parents won't let her binge off them without working to support herself and Michael is her only financial support with the money he makes from his online job and ad revenue from the videos so that may be why she puts up with him.
  • Her and Michael got in a car accident in December 2013 and she has a new car (Toyota Corolla).
  • She is now on a diet with Michael and they are starting to lose some weight.
  • It's been made official that Bridgette is a light smoker.  She is currently smoking Maverick Menthol cigarettes, mentioned in this vlog [1]
  • She has been getting a lot of comments saying that she should dump Michael.
  • She is one of the main reasons KidBehindACamera (Michael) has been getting so many dislikes on his daily vlogs.
  • She is shown to be extremely hypocritical. When she pranks Michael or Angry Grandpa she makes fun of them when they react. However if she gets pranked she has the worst reaction of all 3.
  • Has extreme reactions to even the smallest pranks and can even be dangerous. An example of this is THE HOME INVASION PRANK when she yells "GET OUT" very loudly after throwing a cake in Michael's face. She then proceeds to throw items at both Angry Grandpa and Michael. She even scares Angry Grandpa out of the room briefly before he sticks his face in the bedroom one last time calling her an ungrateful bitch and it will be the last time he does anything for her birthday before leaving. She is overall very dangerous.
  • Bridgette also hates Michael giving in to AGP's demands. In the tent fire video when Michael finally gets around to apologizing for not backing him up properly. Bridgette tries to stop him. But Michael yells at her to "Mind your own business." Bridgette then yells back "This is my business" while Michael yells at her to "Mind your own business and shut up". She then finally stops talking. Michael has been praised in the comments for telling Bridgette to shut up. Even so in the Thanksgiving video on the 26th of November, Bridgette claims that if Michael gives in to AGP's demands, this is why Grandpa is never going to change.
  • Even though AGP and Bridgette both clearly hate each other, they share surprisingly a huge amount of similar personality traits. Both have very extreme reactions to pranks and can be dangerous when angry. Both of them will use Michael's weaknesses against him. Both will tease Michael for his weight. Both will demand a replacement item if the item is destroyed.
  • During the historic 2016 presidential election, Bridgette and Michael showed strong support for democratic nominee Bernie Sanders. They eventually decided not to vote, as implied in a vlog.
  • In Feb. of 2016, fans started to point out that they could see baby wipes in the background of the videos. Even though those wipes were for Clyde's face,Bridgette got the idea to start a rumor that Michael wears adult diapers, as seen in this vlog:

Walking out on Michael

There are some reports about Bridgette walking out on Michael because of the drama since the beginning of 2013 concerning the fight over Grandpa's cable bill in a video called FAMILY MELTDOWN.

FAMILY MELTDOWN - Because Bridgette refuses to help Grandpa pay the $350 dollar cable bill, leading her being attacked with rages by Grandpa and Jennifer.

SURVEYING THE DAMAGE - Because Michael sets Bridgette's anger up by not telling her about what happened to her iphone he accidentally broke, and let Grandpa pushed him over with the destruction in the wrestling room the next day after that.

OUR SECOND THANKSGIVING - Because Michael has been letting Grandpa piss him off way too much. Michael, too, lets himself get pissed off also way too much in recent videos, leading to treat Bridgette like shit or take anger out on her. When she got back from her mom's house, more drama ensued for two days.

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