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Welcome to the Angry Grandpa Wiki, the number one source for information on the famous YouTube channel!


This wiki was created as a tribute to TheAngryGrandpaShow

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT Angry Grandpa, Michael, nor do we have any affiliation with the Green family. The Wiki's userbase is made out of fans of the YouTube channels who want to share their knowledge.

Some information in this wiki about Angry Grandpa may be slightly inaccurate. Many people have been claiming that some material in TheAngryGrandpaShow is staged. We are NOT claiming that ANY information is true/false, since we can't confirm or come to any conclusions about whether it is or not, it's just edited as how it's been researched. Our information is gathered from YouTube videos, Facebook and Twitter posts, and other sources about Angry Grandpa (ie, the Charleston City Paper.) Due to this, the validity of certain facts may not be 100% accurate. TheAnryGrandpaShow belongs to YouTube, Charles and Michael Green.

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