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                       Welcome to the Angry Grandpa Wiki! Please help expand this wikia by editing and/or adding articles!

Angry Grandpa Wiki

A wiki created as a tribute to TheAngryGrandpaShow

Notice: We are not Angry Grandpa, Michael, a friend or relative and we've never had any communication with them other than leaving comments on their videos, we're simply regular users who started this wiki due to the massive popularity of Angry Grandpa, similar to how Wafflepwn has a huge following along with a wiki of it's own (user edited, of course.) 

Some information in this wiki about Angry Grandpa may be slightly inaccurate. Many people have been claiming that some material in TheAngryGrandpaShow is staged. We are NOT claiming that ANY information is true/false, since we can't confirm or come to any conclusions about whether it is or not, it's just edited as how it's been researched.

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