"Grandpa goes to Burger King to try the new Mac and Cheetos, I don't think he expected to throw them all up!!"
— Description Of Video

"Angry Grandpa HATES Burger King Mac N' Cheetos!"[1] is a episode of Angry Grandpa. AGP, Michael and Charlie go to Burger King to try a new item on the Burger King menu, The Burger King 'Mac N' Cheetos'! Angry Grandpa tries it and vomits so badly to where Michael and Charlie to leave the truck. Grandpa vows to never eat them ever again, and even claims he can make better ones.


Angry Grandpa

Michael Green



  • Grandpa, like in many other videos where he tries new food menu items, vomits in this video.
  • The Burger King drive-thru roof is damaged, where Grandpa complains that they are so broke they can't fix their own place.
  • Despite Michael blurring out the vomit, it's obvious that Grandpa was genuinely getting sick over the mac and cheetos.
  • Because of Grandpa vomiting, it causing Charlie to start to gag, however Michael was not sick at all, but still wanted to get out of the truck, because of AGP vomiting.

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