Angry Grandpa Gets Kicked Out of Cici's Pizza is an episode of TheAngryGrandpaShow. It has been reuploaded by an archive channel as "Angry Grandpa Having A Smashing Time At Cici's" after being deleted.


Angry Grandpa is very angry with the Cici's employees because he ordered a pizza 2 hours ago and he still hasn't got it. After yelling at a young employee, he starts breaking plates by throwing them on the floor, and he explains the problem when the manager confronts him over it. The manager tells him to calm down because he has guests, to which Grandpa responds, "I bet they want deep dish too." five times. Angry Grandpa then eats off the buffet, and gets told off again by the manager. Grandpa is then escorted out of the restaurant by two employees, but he gets a last kick in by knocking over a pile of pizza boxes while he's being escorted out. The manager then tells Michael to turn the camera off. Angry Grandpa is lastly seen throwing pizza boxes at the restaurant from outside.


  • A little later, he explains to Michael that he has been waiting for two hours, which seems odd since Michael should already know that, since he presumably was in the restaurant with Grandpa from the beginning.
  • Deep dish pizza takes longer to cook.

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