"ANGRY GRANDPA RUINS CHRISTMAS! (PS4 PRANK)" is an episode of The Angry Grandpa Show that takes place on Christmas day, the main idea of the video is that grandpa is getting gifts from Michael And Bridgette, the gifts being a GPS and some candy, Grandpa makes a comment about the GPS wondering if they are trying to tell him to leave, after this Grandpa put on an act, acting like he was really sorry and seemed serious at first, even getting Michael to hug him and say he forgave him for what he did. When he opened the present it showed a PS4 box with some DLC and games in it.

However after this He opens the box, to his surprise there being a brick, grandpa starts to laugh while Michael gets mad and pushes the brick off of the table. After a heated argument with Michael saying how he cares about nobody other then himself,then Michael Attempted to break grandpas tv, however fails as grandpa stops him. The video ends off with Grandpa scaring them off with a crowbar and telling them to get out.



  • It is revealed that Charles no longer eats candy or sweets.